Wind Energy

PolyTech at WindEnergy 2018 – case study

About the video: CASE STUDY – PolyTech used the Dreamoc Diamond 3D holographic display for their state-of-the-art installation at the WindEnergy 2018 fair in Hamburg.

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Being a leader in providing full solutions to some of the biggest companies within the wind energy industry, PolyTech used the Dreamoc Diamond to communicate their new product in a visually attractive way that instantly took something complicated and made it simple to understand via mixed reality.
Realfiction provided a complete rental solution to PolyTech including the Dreamoc Diamond 3D holographic display, content development and on-site installation.

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What is DeepFrame?
So, what is DeepFrame, and what does it have to do with mixed reality?
Many use the word mixed reality, but only a few companies actually use the technology to add value in their organization.
DeepFrame has been developed by Realfiction, and now the product is available for showcasing products, concepts and ideas.
Fundamentally the DeepFrame is an OLED screen made of custom curved glass. You can ad any kind of customizable graphical content to the DeepFrame. And, when you put the DeepFrame in front of an open space, such as a room, a store, a park, or even an ocean you can see the content i a real setting. Thus the reality is mixed with the content.

About Realfiction:
Realfiction is a leading global manufacturer of mixed reality solutions for retail, education, events and brand activations.

We operate on a global scale with our extensive network of resellers and creative agencies. Our headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here we develop our solutions within mixed reality and holographic displays.

Our pioneering displays generate attention that resonates with today’s consumer who increasingly live beyond the reach of classic advertising.

Since our first video holographic installation was developed and tested in late 2002, we have developed into one of the global leaders in mixed reality.