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Solar energy is most useful when it is converted to electricity. To reduce the traditional use of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels to run electricity generators, solar energy, which is substantially a renewable energy, is now extensively used as alternative energy. The principle of producing electricity through solar energy is simple in that it can run through basic application of photovoltaics.

Photovoltaics is the most common method of electricity production using solar energy with the application of the photovoltaic effect. In this method, radiation from the sun is exploited using semiconductors and, conducting the photovoltaic effect, converting it to electricity. Photovoltaic effect happens when voltage builds up between electrodes through electron transfer between different bands. It must not be mistaken with photoelectric effects which poses different movement of electrons to produce electricity.

To generate the photovoltaic effect, solar cells are needed. The more solar cells placed on a panel, the greater electricity can be generated. This method is now becoming popularly used for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes, even in provinces in the country such as Butte County and Chico City. Many houses in these places can be seen with solar cells installed on the roof.

The energy conversion to electricity is not based on the degree of heat radiated on the panels of solar cell, but on the amount of light. In the photovoltaic application, photons of light knock electrons to a higher state to be able to produce electricity. butte county solar systems are built with wide panels of solar cells arranged systematically on a plain and uncovered terrain. This supplies enough electricity to power a few residential houses and commercial establishments.

Residential solar cells are very useful because it cuts down bills for traditional geothermal power consumption. During a sunny day, chico solar systems can receive as much energy that is needed to supply electricity for a few days. And since the solar systems only utilize light, they can still get minimal solar energy during rainy days.

Solar cells are also expansively used in farmlands for producing electricity to light poultry houses and stables. Although some still prefer biomass to butte county solar systems as alternative source of electricity because of its natural presence in the farm and for proper disposal purposes. However, this traditional alternative energy source is slowly being phased out because of high maintenance costs.

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