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Panzhihua 10 years to create 10 billion production value of solar base – solar, photovoltaic – solar energy industry

Sunny on the bright, sunny known as China’s second city of Panzhihua, the proportion of the family to use solar energy as much as 60%, is the best city in the country using solar energy. Recently, the Panzhihua city government a report entitled “Solar Energy Utilization in Panzhihua City and Industrial Development Planning” was released this year, the Panzhihua city in 10 years to create “national solar energy application demonstration base”, then, the city’s solar energy output is estimated to reach about 10 billion yuan.

Status 60% of the family use of solar energy

Wen Qing Mao is the Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, an ordinary worker, every day in high temperature work, work is always a bromidrosis. “Every home, the first thing is to take a bath!” Wen Ching-mao said that before he used the power Water heater “There are a water heater leak, I was almost knocked down! Have safety problems with gas and do not Environmental protection Or solar energy good! “Wen Qing Mao said:” Panzhihua hot, summer day to take a bath, a bath at least two days in winter, electricity or gas water heating family, cost 2 yuan a day, using solar energy only for the first time into 1000 ~ 2000 dollars, it is really cost-effective. “

It is understood that the same as Wen Qing Mao members of the public use of solar energy in Panzhihua City accounted for 60%.

Tan who is a love of Panzhihua City, socioeconomic, and Township, a farmer, “low carbon” What is the concept that he did not know, but from 2009 onwards, his house and installed gas Solar water heaters He felt that they worry and money, “this is the ‘low carbon’ life ah? That I strongly support!” Yan Xinfu village where there are 200 villagers, more than 1,000 people, 30% of people were using solar water heater . In the Panzhihua rural, 20% of farmers use the Clean Energy .

Planning Solar production value to create 10 billion base

“Panzhihua sunshine, abundant light and heat resources, but also the conditions for the development of solar energy industry.” Panzhihua City, the Economic Commission for Energy Director Ludong Xu said.

Recently, Panzhihua city government a report entitled “Solar Energy Utilization in Panzhihua City, and the development plan” came out, “development planning”, in the next 10 years, Panzhihua will be built into the “National Demonstration Base of solar applications.”

“Panzhihua City, the development of solar energy utilization and industry in general will take two steps.” Panzhihua Municipal Economic Commission official said the 2010 to 2015, will focus on advanced solar energy technology to carry out the demonstration, the further spread of light and heat utilization vanadium energy storage batteries, vanadium and titanium black ceramic-depth research and industrialization. By 2015, the city’s solar industry production value reached 20 billion yuan. From 2016 to 2020, the city’s production all areas of life basically solar integrated application, the initial establishment of city light and heat and photovoltaic industry innovation and R & D platforms, and the formation of complete solar manufacturing services company, in 2020, city’s solar energy industry output reached 10 billion yuan.

Future 80% of urban households “sun bathing”

“According to the plan, 10 years later, Panzhihua, 80% of urban households ‘sun shower’, this is only a small portion of low-carbon life!” According to the staff of the municipal economic commission in Panzhihua, Panzhihua City, also developed in 2010 ~ 2015 and 2016 to 2020 solar energy use and industrial development goals.

Development goals, according to show that by 2020 the city’s urban households use solar water heaters up to 80% of rural households use solar water heaters, 60%; Cold Mountain 60% of households in rural areas suitable for application of solar gas, solar house, solar stoves will be larger within the scope of application.

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