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Oubei Li Strategy Director Mr. Cao Hongbin and Freiburg, Dr. International Daleman launched Oubei Li “Green Expo.”

Solarbe PV network, the Chinese “Light” magazine reporting from Shanghai on May 7, at the Shanghai World Expo museum of Freiburg solar energy, the strategic director of Mr. Cao Hongbin Oubei Li and Dr. Freiburg common international Daleman Start the Ou Beili “Green Expo.” From around the world Oubei Li VIP clients and friends the world’s major news media witnessed this historic moment.

Oubei Li “2010.5.1 Declaration” and the Green Expo counterparts, as the Platform for Action and the World Expo, will promise to provide 20 sets of zero-energy community green eco-house, providing value to customers 10 years of worry-free products quality assurance, determined for the peoples of the world continuing to provide clean Energy To ensure that each year up to 51 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions the Earth. All visitors can see Oubei Li will be optimized photovoltaic solution provider’s image appeared Expo.

Freiburg, Germany is famous for the green capital of the world, with Europe’s largest solar energy technology and materials research institutions?? Fraunhofer Institute for Solar System Research Institute (ISE), in the world of sustainable environmental technology, solar energy technology, biotechnology and other new energy field, has highlighted the decisive position; the same time, Freiburg, or the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) and the presence of solar energy enterprises related to; also a number of international exhibitions and conferences of the Host.

Mr. Cao Hongbin delivered a warm speech, “First of all, on behalf of New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Oubei Li busy to attend Oubei Li” Green Expo “launch activities, guests and friends to express my sincere thanks! to the development and expansion in recent years Oubei Li provides great support and help partners to express our sincere thanks! to the trust and support Oubei Li career development community friends to express my heartfelt thanks!

Response to global warming, the world’s countries have attached great importance to the development and utilization of new energy, “low carbon” concept came into being, I believe the near future, application-based solar energy industry will be the new alternative to traditional energy sources industry has become a global economic development support new industries. So, grasp the historical opportunity to build low-carbon model, to develop low-carbon economy, improve energy structure, to achieve sustainable development, is extremely important.

Value the occasion of World Expo, let “Carbon Expo” from Shanghai, starting from the Freiburg city hall, to the world, into the future to allow the better for mankind than “low-carbon Green Life”

Oubei Li New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., is one from the Nantong Hailin Group in January 2006 established set of investment in solar cells, modules, systems engineering and application product development, manufacturing, marketing and service in one high-tech enterprises. Set up four years ago, in the community care support, Oubei Li were constantly fighting, innovation, Oubei Li gradually grow and become world-class provider of PV solutions.

Has since company founder, Oubei Li has to reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide total to more than 17,800 tons. Oubei Li will fully introduce BIPV green zero-energy house, built in China woban plot for energy saving in China and contribute to the cause of all mankind.

Festival in the world, Oubei Li New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. had the pleasure of Freiburg together to ride out the international event, we are honored. We will “2010.5.1” Declaration for the Programme of Action, the new energy economy go hand in hand with the sustainable development path, to strengthen academic and solar energy technology exchanges and cooperation, to create green cities of mankind, to defend the Earth every effort to green their homes were. Our common vision is to: use of green energy, create green cities.

Today, the community’s full support of friends, Oubei Li International Company and Freiburg in the hands tightly together, it is our turn “green city home of mankind,” the starting point is that we as a corporate citizen to the community to provide better, more green value of the beginning.

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