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Development of low-carbon economy is the international background dictates, in China, meaning a low carbon economy and building a resource saving and environment-friendly society and the new path of industrialization and other content are similar. Low-carbon economy should be based on “low power”, “clean”, “low emissions” as an integrated feature of the new economy, low pollutant generation, emission and low Energy Consumption and low greenhouse gas emissions are both essential components. We often easy to think of low-carbon energy sources and new together, but we need to be clear, the development of low-carbon economy is not equal to that of the development of new energy sources, sometimes there is not emission energy, low carbon and high pollution. For example, solar energy is a low-carbon, but generated by solar panels is no doubt highly polluting low-greenhouse gas emissions and low pollution emissions are sometimes contradictory, we can not order a simple, low-carbon and low carbon, not at a loss.

Held in Copenhagen last year, the World Climate Conference, Premier Wen Jiabao to Prime Minister as a responsible big country, a solemn commitment to the world by 2020 carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP than in 2005, down from 40% to 45%. This commitment means that China has now entered a low-carbon age. Copenhagen meeting ended, the game was far from over, the next 10 years, China will embark on the road to the overall low-carbon transition. China must proceed from the actual development of low-carbon economy, for example, energy efficiency, carbon-based fossil fuels, developing renewable energy sources; to develop national low-carbon economic development strategy, first experimental demonstration; ability of independent innovation, develop low-carbon technologies, low-carbon products; active use of policy instruments to promote low-carbon system innovation and legal system, these are a great improvement and development of space, take great efforts to do a good job.

The need for a low carbon economy in China, in addition to addressing global warming, but also with China itself directly related to energy scarcity and environmental pollution. China is the world’s second largest energy producer and consumer, the economy is in a resource-intensive mining and characterized by rapid consumption of urbanization and industrialization, speed up the process, the energy limited resources and the sustainability of economic growth between The conflicts intensify. China’s own energy more urgent. The general impression is that China’s energy saving is very big. It is estimated that China’s overall energy efficiency is about 33%, 10 percentage points lower than developed countries. From the Chinese national conditions, the current high-carbon energy is still the main use of coal. The central authorities put forward low-carbon high-carbon energy use, through technological innovation to achieve this requirement. Therefore, new energy industry, have to clean coal technology as an important direction.

Experts pointed out that the reality of China’s road towards a low carbon economy is not a smooth road, there still exist a number of obstacles. The development of low-carbon economy need to use the new energy-based, now regard the development of new energy around the energy strategy as a direction, but there is still an immature technology issues. For example, and net cost. This China is the pressure, and a challenge.

It for the world to explore the development of China’s low-carbon economy have a significant and far-reaching significance. Developed countries to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide present the efforts made, there is reference to developing countries, but not very relevant. In addition to the public’s willingness to pay is not the same as the environment, ability to pay big difference, as the development stage and development goals are not the same, leading to the choice of the Government’s energy policy is not the same, you can choose the space is not the same. China as a developing country, faced with the same energy and environmental pressures, the low-carbon economic development model for other late-developing countries will have a strong reference.

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