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August 3 Daily published a “limited public intend to use by the multi-
Solar water heaters
Absent Treatment “, a reported number of new district of Yantai more to” destroy the unity and coordination cell “as an excuse to block residents to install solar water heaters, the installation of solar water heater problems encountered situation. In recent days, many people have made this newspaper, where the cell reflect the installation of solar water heaters also blocked by the issue of property companies. It is noteworthy that both the public call a question that has been built or under construction in Yantai district, many did not allow public access, resulting in many users want to install is to “destroy the unity and coordination cell” as an excuse to resist the outside. Are energy saving, environmentally friendly solar water heater can really “insulation” Yantai people it?

8 9th morning, a press under the first call to the Yang scored to reflect the situation, came to Huamao district, near the residence of the Yang Peach Street and nearby blocks of floor where the roof Ann has some solar water heaters. “Households are generally installed over the top floor, other floors you want to install solar water heaters, attic tenants do not agree.” Yang pointed at the ground floor roof of a few solar home told reporters, “No way, security of solar energy input water only from the vent in the wall through, but the vent is very narrow, everyone’s safety, then, is not enough. “

Subsequently, the reporter visited Hoi An, jade, bridge, people’s livelihood, the dakuang several quarters, found that residents want to install solar water heaters have the same problems. Rejected the grounds that public access should not need to re-excavated, but it will destroy the waterproofing of the roof, top floor tenants did not agree; Then, it took away from the water pipes outside the wall, it is neither beautiful, winter cold, water Pipe could also be damaged by frost, so it can not be installed.

Lived Galaxy Yihai Community Development, Mr. Zhang sent a letter to the newspaper, the letter repeatedly saying that “residents to install solar energy is too difficult!”

Made many people to install solar water heaters allow public access can be implemented the recommendations? Solar Yantai people spend this smooth green energy? Reporters interviewed the city building,
Departments concerned. Charge
Real estate
Development of the city’s Bureau of Urban Real Estate Development Office Management Section, who declined to name the woman who told reporters that the situation at present the newly developed district in the urban areas, some do, some do not do, may be mainly to see whether the construction drawings to this request, she said situation is not clear.

Supervisory review of the Urban Planning Bureau, Deputy Chief of Division 1 Zhang replied that the situation prevailing in the country, because there is no provisions in this regard, the present Yantai, no such considerations.

“Now that the whole country to promote construction of a conservation-oriented society, the use of solar water heaters, energy saving and environmentally friendly either. Government departments should be introduced as soon as possible policies and technical specifications for the promotion and use of solar energy carried out, so that the general people take full advantage of the green solar energy. “Many people have called.

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