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New Thermostat Water Mixers: For Solar Energy Gap

ย  Sun Water heater Features and Analysis

Solar water heater and water pressure drop model can be divided into two forms, the former approach is based on the supply of hot water and use the difference between the water level to achieve a simple structure and low cost of its advantages, it is market-oriented products, the latter feature is to use cold water to improve water pressure for the solar water heater provides hot water output is relatively constant pressure. While human use of space solar water heater is the most successful examples of energy, however, in practical application for the substantive improvements there are still some can not circumvent the technical difficulties can be summarized into the following four characteristics:

1 long period of hot water generated

Bottled water with solar water heaters in the heating mode, hot water storage tank by the volume of output restrictions, once the hot water run out of hot water regeneration can not be achieved in a short time.

2 low pressure hot water

Drop by the installation of solar water heaters, height restrictions, hot water pressure is usually several times lower than the cold water supply pressure or even 10 times? Hot water pressure is usually only 0.03-0.05Mpa? Cold water generally in the 0.15 -0.4Mpa?. If the use of conventional manual water mixers are difficult to debug mixed water temperature control? Proportion of hot and cold water, especially when the cold water supply pressure is too high, and because cold water does not end in the water mixers vacuum limiting device installed cases, debugging a little careless, easily cause cold water to hot water pipes back.

3 large hot water temperature

Solar hot water heating energy by season, climate, the impact of temperature and sunlight conditions, the temperature of hot water changed much. In addition, the gap between solar hot water storage tank with the output pressure drop in the water level decreases, the output temperature of water tank with water level will drop gradually increased.

4 high temperature hot water

Solar hot water heating because the temperature can not be artificially set limit and control the phenomenon of ultra-high temperature hot water output is difficult to avoid. Summer when the sun can reach temperatures of hot water above 90 , pressurized solar water heater storage tank with pressure in the temperature will be greater than 100 . Therefore, the safe use of solar water heaters have become very concerned about the issue.

View of the solar water heater of the above four characteristics, can find a simple and effective solution to improve its performance in actual use? The test confirmed: use of new devices replace the conventional manual thermostatic mixing with water as the gap between water mixers solar water heater terminal water mixers can achieve a multiplier effect. Industrial Co., Ltd. Production of hot and cold water shower-type synchronous switch thermostat water mixers, is a gap can significantly improve the effect of solar water heaters, and the very ideals and practical accessory products? Patent application number: 2003201216871?.

Normal temperature water mixers design flaw

Present, at home and abroad Bathroom Constant temperature water mixers on the market is dazzling, its function is to achieve a free debugging water and mixed water, water temperature control, convenience, Water , Safety, comfort features no doubt. However, existing commercially available ordinary temperature water mixers, whether domestic or international famous brand products, all could not do the gap-type solar water heaters use a very special environment. The reason is that, without exception, normal temperature water mixers is used: to control the mixed water output of single-switch mode to realize the cold and hot water supply on or off. As the hot and cold water mixers at a constant temperature within the water supply has become a physical connection, therefore, to prevent hot and cold water supply is disabled when the pressure difference, and in the constant temperature within the formation of hot and cold water mixers each other back flow of water, the only approach can only constant hot and cold water mixers water to install one-way valve into the intake. One-way check valve in the thermostat on the use of water mixers, thermostatic water mixers is hampered in the fall to promote solar water heaters on the application of reason. Table 1 for three kinds of water mixers control the functions and characteristics.

One-way valve defects were as follows:

1. Each one-way check valve installed in the thermostat water mixers water pathway must be equipped with two “O” type seal Rubber Circle, as “O” ring rubber seal principle is dependent on external forces of compression, so in between hot and cold water supply low pressure difference, acting on the “O” shaped rubber ring seal also will reduce the extrusion force small, one-way check valve installed in the case of high precision, will result in a one-way valve sealing characteristics of the lower, in constant temperature water mixers disabled, will be formed between the hot and cold water supply pipe leakage back a long time phenomenon.

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