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China Development and Reform Commission Energy Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Institute 21, said both the macro level or micro level, China New Energy Industry are not excessive.

“2010 China’s low-carbon economy and sustainable development of photovoltaic industry forum” 21 held in Jintan City, Jiangsu Province. Li Junfeng of the Forum on China’s new energy industry, a comprehensive analysis.

China Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the Energy Research Institute, Jun-Feng Li (data image)

Recently, whether for new energy surplus, China has always had different voices. October 2009, the Ministry of Industry officials said China plans to invest in the construction or total capacity reached 177 thousand tons of polysilicon project, equivalent to 2007, global production of three times, beyond the current physical needs. But the Ministry of Science and subsequently purified by poly Fans Equipment design, planning capacity and actual output of the comparison, using multiple sets of data on the new energy industry’s assertion that this surplus.

Li Junfeng that, on the “Wind Power”, “polysilicon” excess capacity to judge some lag. From a macro perspective, in 2009 China’s total installed capacity of 840 million kilowatts power, wind power grid is only 2200 kilowatts, accounting for only 2.5%. From 2020, new energy sources to account for 15% of the total energy consumption goal of long way to go.

From the micro, the 2008 China more than 500 million kilowatts of fan output was considered to be overheating. But fans of the actual demand in 2009 is 14 million kilowatts. In the optical side, in 2009 China produced a total of photovoltaic cells consumes 30,000 tons of polysilicon, China’s polysilicon production that year was only 16,000 tons, can meet the needs of 50%.

Said Li Junfeng, both at the macro level or at the micro level, China’s new energy industry are not excessive. And Financial Crisis has not defeated a new energy industry, its been rapid adjustment has entered a rapid development period.

It is understood that nearly 20 provinces across the country enacted a new energy promotion program, the city proposes building more than 100 new energy industry base, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, a number of large and mega cities.

Host this forum, Jintan City, has also been identified as the PV industry will lead the city’s industrial upgrade and the advantages of high-tech development of leading industries. Their strong support.

Recent years, the golden altar photovoltaic industry production growth, 2008, Sell Income of more than 8 billion yuan in 2009, the price of raw materials and products fell 3 / 4 and 2 / 3 of cases, with 2008 sales remained flat.

Li Junfeng that so many cities to build new energy base, suggesting that there is indeed opportunity. But this process, “follow the trend” very serious problem. Low-level duplicated construction emerged from time to time.

But Li Junfeng view, this phenomenon is excess manufacturing capacity and investment performance of their problems are not new energy. He pointed out that “copycat” issue still needs vigilance. Countries should timely early warning information, but should still depend on the development of competition in the market. To over come to the fore in this competition, have to pay long-term patience. Mayor Xi Wenbiao said

Jintan, Jintan will establish photovoltaic park, in accordance with the existing chain of short-chain investment industry, strong human resources and other means to support the introduction of photovoltaic industry. And plans to establish a 10-15 PV back-up team of listed companies, for use two to three years time, the formation of five or more listed companies form PV “golden altar plate.” Capital market to enhance the competitiveness of its photovoltaic industry.

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