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New brochure lets you get in touch with solar inverter protection

The harsh environments solar inverters often have to endure warrants tough protection. Stockwell Elastomerics has made choosing the right material for your inverter enclosure gaskets easy by offering to send a free brochure with material sample you can feel for yourself.

Stockwell Elastomerics makes enclosure gaskets used to protect solar inverters, grid monitoring and related alternative energy equipment used in long term outdoor exposure conditions. The company uses high performance materials from Rogers Corporation. The brochure includes small physical samples of ten of these material you can touch and feel. Both companies worked together to create the brochure to assist engineers who are specifying gaskets for solar inverter and other alternative energy enclosures. These materials include Rogers BISCO RS-700 series closed cell silicone sponge, BISCO HT-800 series silicone foam, Rogers PORON microcellular urethane foam and BISCO EC-2130 electrically conductive silicone rubber.

You can request the free brochure online here:

BISCO RS-700 series is closed cell silicone sponge produced with a smooth, durable skin on both surfaces. The smooth surface and tight cell structure enable sealing of enclosures with less closure force. Silicone rubber provides consistent deflection properties in cold and hot climates, and silicone provides long term performance – resisting the damaging effects of UV and sunlight.

BISCO HT-800 series silicone foam has been field tested for long term outdoor enclosure applications such as telecom base stations for many years. HT-800 has excellent compression set resistance, UL 94V-0 flame rating and is considered an excellent value for many silicone gasket applications. HT-800 series is UL 50, UL 50E, UL 508 and UL 157 recognized and an outstanding choice for NEMA enclosures.

PORON micro-cellular polyurethane foam is widely used for indoor electrical and electronic enclosures requiring protection from dust and light water exposure.  PORON foams are high performance materials with excellence compression set resistance and are UL 94HBF flame rated.

BISCO EC-2130 electrically conductive silicone is a soft, 30 durometer conductive particle filled silicone that performs a dual function of EMI shielding while also sealing out environmental conditions.

Stockwell Elastomerics has full on-site fabricating capabilities, including application of pressure sensitive adhesives, water jet cutting, die cutting and slitting-to-width to produce gaskets from silicone foams, closed cell silicone sponges and similar high performance gasketing materials.

“The materials from Rogers Corporation selected for this brochure cover a range of options for designers seeking sealing solutions when designing solar inverters and enclosures that protect  technology equipment from dust and water ingress,” said Stockwell Elastomerics’ President Bill Stockwell. “We frequently see requirements for gaskets that require soft closure force due to the enclosure design. Reference samples such as those on this touch brochure help the designer to narrow the options.”

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