Solar Power

More Facts About Solar Energy Revealed!

You may already have heard so much about some facts about solar energy and its uses, benefits and disadvantages. However, there are times when it is hard to distinguish whether what you are reading about are really facts about solar energy or merely opinions.

In this article, you are going to read about some facts about solar energy (both positive and negative) and here they are, in no particular order.

1) Why do you think other nations make use of solar energy than the U.S.A?

It is because solar energy options are less costly than grid power and fossil fuels. And oil is three to four times more pricey in most non American countries. Just like that. So, will you consider the alternatives of solar power if you have to pay $ 7 gallon?

2) Can you heat your home with sunlight?

Of course. If you live in the North, northern conditions necessitate several insulation and also, you need a whole solar thermal roof allotted to the method of heat collection and most especially, a massive storage vault for the heat. If you think about it, the materials, not to mention the labor needed in order to heat a house with sunlight are quite minimal as compared with the building permit inconveniences and various state procedures.

3) Probably one of the major disadvantages of solar energy is the initial high cost of installing their energy solar system. This is mainly because of the expensive costs of semi-conducting materials used in creating one.

4) Solar panels need a spacious area for the installation to attain that fair degree of performance and efficiency.

5) Similarly, the solar energy system depends on the sun’s location, but anyway, this challenge or inconvenience can be overpowered with the establishing of particular elements or peripherals.

6) While it is true that there will be no solar power to be generated during evenings and night time, a net metering and/or a battery back up system will always solve this problem.

7) The creation and production of solar power is affected by the incidence of pollution, or clouds in the air’s atmosphere.

Though there may be some disadvantages regarding the usage and facts about solar energy, surely, there are also several advantages to solar energy.

1) For one, it helps you save money. Of course, as with any investment, like this one, after the installation has been done with, energy from the sun is, naturally free.

2) Actually, the government is offering some financial assistance which will help lessen your costs and expenses. Just check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency–you can also check their website to find out about what kind of incentives await you in what state you live in. Net metering is this smart method wherein if your system generates more energy than what you actually consume, your utility company could purchase it from you, raising up a credit on your account!

Now, isn’t that a wise idea and investment indeed?

Solar energy definitely has its benefits like reducing your home energy costs and not to mention caring for the environment. Obtaining usable energy from the sunlight has been used for centuries by modern technologies and there’s no reason why we should not give it a try. And these facts about solar energy are out to prove that it’s easy to set up, plus, it’s not expensive. It’s a great way to illuminate your backyard or your garden. If you want functionality + affordability, then you should check out Total Solar Energy for your solar energy needs.

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