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Minjiangshuidian (600 131): The New Wave Of Doing My Energy – New Energy, Solar Energy – Heat Pump

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Tape spikes in two consecutive days after a strong start today, finishing, to on short-term overbought technical indicators for repair. On the whole, in the new Year of the Ox, the market has a new look, there is no lack a continuous rise in the stock intraday, began to strengthen the operational, money began to show effect, so we recommend that investors in the process of operation, should be actively seeking stocks to buy low, sell strong disk, while avoiding those who do not care funds, the stock has been hovering at low levels.

The United States has stressed the new president of the new energy concerns, the main reason is the shortage of energy has become the world’s problems, find new energy alternatives is now imminent, for which renewable energy industry will usher in a golden opportunity. New Year 3 days, investors can find new energy concept stocks have been in continuous rise, 600,290 Chinese instrument electrical, 600,590 Tellhow Technology (600,590) of three consecutive daily limit, 600 192 Great Wall Electrical (600 192), 600 151 Space Electrical (600 151), and all other daily limit, the overall daily limit in the new energy stocks accounted for a third. We introduce to you today is 600,131 Minjiangshuidian

The company as a leader in western water, water in the main, based on the development of wind power have the intention, but also shares Tibet Arima technology, the development of third generation solar water heater, the more rare combination of the two cities water energy, the concept of potential wind and solar renewable energy concepts of several stocks in one. In addition, it has explosive subject of polysilicon, and polysilicon is the manufacture of solar equipment, the essential material. Hydropower resources in China, about 70% concentrated in the Southwest. More noteworthy is that water belongs to clean energy, lower cost, because the energy saving opportunities, the full support by the state. Resources have clean energy, with renewable, no pollution, increasing tensions in the traditional context of energy, water and electricity that renewable energy development prospect is extremely broad. Tibet Arima technology company shares, to develop the third generation of solar water heaters. Information technology companies located in China Arima Tibet Tibet the most widely used solar energy new energy region, by the Company and Tianwei Group and the Tibet Autonomous Region set up with solar energy research and demonstration center, is China’s largest solar energy renewable energy industry’s high-tech enterprises. Therefore, a certain future in the field of solar energy development room for imagination. Experts predict the global solar cell and other clean energy production is estimated that by 2013 will reach 92 billion U.S. dollars. Because the solar energy industry is huge, and I believe solar energy market outlook with the theme of Minjiangshuidian (600,131) (600,131) will have the chance of an outbreak.

The secondary market, the stock has received three consecutive Yang Xian, the overall increase is not, moving average systems have constituted a strong support, with plenty of short-term upside momentum, it is recommended investors to intervene decisively every callback.

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