Wind Energy

Meinl Sonic Energy – 24″ Venus Gong, 28″ Sedna Gong and 36″ Wind Gong played by Jamie Bechtold

Here are two different styles of Gongs. The 36″ Meinl Wind Gong; is hand made in China using traditional methods for crafting Chinese gongs. The 24″ Venus Gong 221.23Hz / A2 and the
28″ Sedna Gong 181.60Hz / F2#; hand made in Germany in the European gong making tradition and tuned per the calculations of Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave)

Accessories used in this video are as follows:
Gong Stand (TMGS)
Pro Gong Stand (TMGS-2)
Framed Gong Stand (TMGS-3)
Large Meinl Gong Beater (MGB-L)
Small Meinl Gong Beater (MGB-S)

Jamie Bechtold is the owner of the Soundbath Center in Los Angeles, CA.

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