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Meiling Building Integrated Solar Energy Along The Direction Of Forward

Solar Net HC ¬†Housing construction on the resource consumption and environmental impact are large, is to build resource-saving and environment-friendly society in important areas, and actively explore the development of renewable energy in residential applications and has become the world promotion of housing construction and sustainable development theme. China is an energy, a relative shortage of resources in countries, the Chinese Government attaches great importance to science and technology in the residential housing in the implementation of the principles of the relevant government departments clearly put forward the residential construction Energy Saving, environmental protection and conservation of intensive land use, binding targets. Solar as a new energy in the most clean, cheap energy, more and more people of all ages, but there is a solar energy products Home Appliances Product form rather than the form of building components in building applications, there is a big disadvantage application also sharply limited. Therefore, the “solar energy and building integrated applications” will be the development of solar and building a major trend. China Solar Energy Industry Association vice chairman of the unit?? Hefei Meiling Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in a timely and accurate grasp of a combination of solar energy and construction trends in solar energy and building integrated applications fruitful laid Meiling first class building integrated solar energy systems application service provider status.

Since its inception in April 2002, after several major renovation and expansion, Meiling solar energy company has an annual output of 500,000 sets of various types have Solar water heaters , 5 million solar vacuum tube, 10 million rotational pressure water tank (or other rotational products) and other 7 series and more than 100 kinds of products each year. And to build a solar energy industry’s most complete industrial chain, with vacuum tubes, pressure tanks, non-pressure tank, frame, assembly lines, and all parts of the modern solar energy production, is a large base of the solar energy industry.

Vacuum tube solar water heater is one of the core components. Is the production of solar vacuum tube in Anhui Province’s leading enterprises, with a number of advanced vacuum plating Membrane Production line. Can produce diameter 47- 58mm, length 1200? 2100mm, species include heat pipes, the three executives, purple tube and other specifications of vacuum tube. Product testing by the relevant state departments, the technical parameters is better than national standards, some technical indicators leads the industry level.

2007 the company into a leading rotational molding pressure water container production line. Rotational pressure water container is split pressure solar hot water system core components, Meiling rotational pressure water container of the pressure layer and leak-proof layer plates were used and special synthetic polymer materials. The steel-plastic body Chemical industry Art will be confined in the inner surface and the openings and leak-proof layer integrates seamless, without any seam, which really does not weld the liner form. The product has good corrosion resistance and easy to scale, strong adhesion and resistance to high temperature, while guaranteeing clean water pollution.

Complete solar energy industry chain and rotational pressure water container production line put into production, as Meiling solar energy to create the domestic first-class building integrated solar energy system application service provider, has laid a solid foundation and supporting capacity.

Meiling Solar is a national high-tech enterprise, with strong scientific and technological innovation, with Meiling Solar Energy Research Institute, solar hot water project center, specializing in solar thermal, photovoltaic research. The company also owns Meiling solar thermal, photovoltaic utilization test floor. The test floor set solar thermal, photovoltaic conversion, refrigeration, housing Heating , Swimming pool water purification systems and water quality tests in one, becoming the very few companies have the ability to test large-scale application of solar energy integrated solar companies. September 2008, the company’s involvement of the CAS Knowledge Innovation Program of The “solar photovoltaic, solar thermal building integrated utilization technology,” the research task. Closing the end of 2009, the company has acquired 12 national patents.

2007, the company successfully developed “and the pressure building integrated solar hot water system, split families,” the collector and separate hot water storage tank, solar collector installation location diversity, to achieve the perfect construction combination of successful high-rise building solar energy applications crack problem. Industry-leading technical level of the system, with pressure to run, automatic Sheung Shui, intelligent control, supply hot water all day climate characteristics of science and technology, fashion, safety, energy conservation Environmental protection Product. The system won the “key new products in Anhui Province”, has several high-grade residential quarters in the country to use. October 2009, “Meiling brand household split pressurized solar water heating system” has been rated four national “third renewable energy and energy-saving products and technology fair in excellent products.”

At the same time independent research and development, Meiling Solar Energy and China University of Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Housing Industrialization Promotion Center and other agencies working together and building integrated solar energy research in the field has achieved fruitful results, the solar and building control combination of core technology, the successful launch of solar building integrated system solutions. Whether multi-layer, high-rise high-rise and villa residential hot water works, or guesthouses, hotels, schools, solar pool, solar hot water heating and other large commercial projects as well as photovoltaic power station project, Meiling solar features can be under the Buildings and customers need to provide the perfect solution.

Date, Meiling solar company has successfully implemented to a large office building in Chaoyang, Liaoning Hualong Group heating systems, residential buildings in Anhui Province split solar traffic police corps, on the copper solar hot water swimming pools, the highest real estate represented a demonstration project batch of large solar building integrated applications engineering, and build China University of Technology School of Engineering Sciences of new photovoltaic / solar thermal (PVT) integrated system pilot project. Recently, Meiling solar energy again in Anhui, Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan, Liaoning, Shaanxi and other provinces and successful large-scale solar energy projects, promote the domestic solar energy and the rapid development of building integrated.

Meiling solar energy and solar energy company actively involved in the promotion of building integrated applications, has participated in the drafting of the Hefei “building integrated solar energy technology and implementation details,” Anhui “building integrated solar energy utilization and technical standards” and Anhui Province “and building integrated solar technology standard atlas.” March 1, 2009 by the Meiling solar energy company involved in the drafting of Anhui Province “building integrated solar energy utilization and technical standards” promulgated and implemented, which provides qualified new and rebuilt the following 12-storey building to force the installation of solar hot water system.


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