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Making Your Own Solar Panel – How to Make Your Own Solar Panels and Where to Find Expert DIY Plans to Build Solar Panels Yourself

Making Your Own Solar Panel

Solar panels can be built at home, for generating electricity from solar energy. This not only protects the environment but also saves your money. Solar energy has many benefits. It is very easy to make these panels yourself.

You need to follow certain steps to build your own solar panels.

There are a few steps to be taken note off before you begin to proceed with the construction of the solar panel.

The first tool required here is a large solar panel. The size of this panel depends on the amount of electricity we want to generate. This panel will be available in the market.
Next you will need a rechargeable battery. This battery is much more preferred than a disposable battery. Even a small one is preferred (12 volt).
We can either use a lead or acid battery. These batteries produce very high currents and are tolerant to overcharging.
Since you are making the solar panels at home you should be very safe. So a battery box is recommended for your safety. This gives protection from the excess power generated from the battery. Making Your Own Solar Panel
Since the power generated is direct current, it should be converted into alternating current. This is because the household appliances run only on AC form of energy.
The next step is to join all the tools together. Initially the DC meter is connected with the top of the battery box. Then the battery is connected with the DC meter using a wire. At last the solar panel and DC meter are connected to the rechargeable battery. Close a lid on the setup before placing it in the sunlight.
Now the device is ready and is kept at an angle where there is plenty of sunlight. We should be very careful while placing the device as it must be placed in a suitable place where maximum sunlight can be grabbed. Allow it to be for more than ten hours facing the sun.

While building the system for the first time you might find it difficult. But it will be really interesting to do. By following the simple steps you can easily overcome the problems faced while trying to make your own solar panels. After the setup is complete you can convert the solar energy into your own usable energy. By constructing this panel on your own you can reduce your energy bills. Making Your Own Solar Panel

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