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Making The Most Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most popular concepts today. A lot of it has to do with the sudden surge in the talk about this technology. It is interesting to learn about this technology and also see why a supposedly expensive technology may soon become one of the mainstream sources.

The first thing to understand about sun power is that it is sustainable and renewable source that is abundantly available on this planet. It can be harvested from anywhere as long as there is sufficient sunlight available. Also there is no scale of harvesting to make it useful for common people to use. Let us understand the implications of each of these statements one by one.

Renewable source of energy is something that can be renewed or something that will never get exhausted. Sun is a large star that is continuously burning. Scientists predict that it will continue to glow for many thousands of years to come. So we know that sun power is not going to get exhausted any time soon.

Sustainable source of energy is one which can be harvested safely without jeopardising the planet or making it unliveable for future generations. Fossil fuels cause pollution that release poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Besides the greenhouse gases also cause damage. Unlike them, sunlight can be harvested safely using solar cells. There is no pollution in this technique so it is sustainable.

Sunlight falls on almost every part of the planet at some point during the day. While in some places like the poles the power may be too low to make the big appliances work, in most other places enough sunlight can be trapped to power home appliances. Closer to the equator, there are talks that the entire house can be powered for the whole day using a five square feet solar panel.

The last aspect of this power is the scale of production. Typically, thermal or hydro power stations need some threshold levels to make them viable. With this energy there is no such upper limit. The best examples of this are the solar cookers and water heater. These individual standalone appliances can be used individually at home.

Now that we understand the sun power we will look at how did a technology which was considered prohibitively expensive become mainstream now? One of the factors was the heavy support that governments around the world gave to the renewable technologies. This support was in terms of research funding, tax incentives and even rebates for adoption of technology. Besides the technology itself had advanced a lot too.

Today we are hearing and seeing so much about the solar power. It is not all noise with not real meaning. Solar power has well and truly arrived on the scene. The real benefit for people like you and me is that with these solutions we can now move out of the grid of the local utility companies. This means we can isolate ourselves from their constant price hikes. If your home is powered by sun energy completely, why would you worry what rates the power companies are charging their customers?

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