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Make Solar Panel In – Tips to Mount Solar Panels


You might wonder the sun is not at the same position at certain time throughout a year. At some time, you might unable to notice the position of the sun in the sky, where according to your watch, you would expect it to be. It is essential choose the right mounting system to mount and plan a mounting position for your solar panels.

The earth is tilted 23.5 degree to the plane of its orbit around the sun. The earth does not orbit the sun in a perfect circle, but in an ellipse. Subsequently, you will find out different Sun position throughout a year. If you are tracking the sun position throughout a year at certain time at particular location, said to record the sun elevation and azimuth angles weekly on 10 AM, you will find the positions you collected throughout a year will form a pattern of 8 – the Analemma phenomena.

You might also search the free Sun path chart program by University of Oregon to find out more about the sun path position in your region. Fill up your region Latitude and Longitude in their web-based program to create sun path charts in your area for free. It give you an idea where to position your panels to receive an optimum sunshine during the peak sunlight hours, typically from 9am to 4pm.

You might use the fixed solar panel mount, which is the simplest and cheapest mounting to mount your solar panels to collect the sunlight. You should face your panels to equator for optimum sunlight collection. For example, due South if you are in Northern hemisphere.

Another option is to use the adjustable panel mounting, which allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of your solar panel to account for the optimum sunlights manually. You might adjust your panel angle up to 4 times per year, which could improve up to 25% overall solar panel output compared to the fixed mount panel.

The Tracking solar panel mount could track the sun position during day time to obtain a maximum solar radiation automatically. It is a most efficient panel mounting system, but also the most expensive.

Bear in mind that cheapest mounting does not means cheapest solution to your operation to convert the solar energy to electric. You should consider the energy collection efficiency, investment on the mounting, maintenance as well as your return of investment plan to choose the BEST mounting for your particular scenario.

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