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Make Solar Panel In – How to Make Solar Panel and Other Alternative Energy Education Methods

Make Solar Panel In

The Pico Turbine Company offers different books, kits and projects to educate children about renewable energy generation. The aim of the Pico Turbine Company is to support and further the understanding and acceptance of alternative forms of energy especially among young people. The children of today should realize that our behavior today will shape the environment of our future. We need to start today to ensure a better future for our children.

Pico Turbine Company’s educational theory can be described as follows: If you only hear you will forget. If you hear and see you might remember. But if you get involved you will master it. The kits the company produces therefore include activities to provide a more hands-on learning experience. One such activity is to show how heat can be produced using wind energy and a picture wire. This activity is particularly useful to change the perception of many people who think that wind energy was a “cold” energy. Wind can actually be used to produce heat at home. Another activity uses the children’s competitiveness by splitting them into two groups to build one wind turbine each. The turbines are then  compared to see which group designed the better one. Of course, you can also teach your children how to make solar panel and then have each group produce their own solar panel. The produced wind turbine or solar panel are then evaluated based on different criteria such as the amount of electricity generated, the amount of energy needed to start the device as well as aesthetic aspects. Make Solar Panel In

When using the educational materials provided by Pico Turbine pupils learn about the different types of clean and renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, marine and biomass energy. They also learn that as a nation it is desirable to become energy independent. Today, renewable forms of energy are becoming more and more cost-effective compared to the usage of fossil fuels.

The producers and the owners of wind farms and solar arrays are running successful businesses and costs of installing these technologies are decreasing. Over the last 20 years the cost of photovoltaic cells have fallen from $ 1000 to $ 4 (measured per watt). Analysts forecast a further decrease in cost to $ 1 by the year 2015. Many businesses already offer diy kits and practical instructions on how to make solar panel and build wind turbine. Young people also need to learn about all costs involved with the usage of fossil fuels. This includes the costs of effects on our health, pollution and environmental changes such as global warming. Substituting our current usage of fossil fuels with clean and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power will certainly help our health, our environment and our economy. Make Solar Panel In

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