Solar Power

Make a Small Solar Panel

There’s no escaping it – prices of just about everything are going up. And whilst the more sensible people will be doing all they can to cut down on just about anything that is non-essential, there are some things in life that we all need and will always need. Energy for our homes is a perfect example of this.

So, there’s nothing that you can do about that right? The power companies control prices, and if they say prices go up, you pay more right? Wrong. You just need to think outside the box for a second.

What if you weren’t reliant on the power companies? What if you didn’t need them, and were able to create your own energy? What if you could power your entire home by yourself, and not pay the utility companies a penny? Well, it’s entirely possible. A great place to start would be to learn how to make a small solar panel. You could set yourself the aim of powering just one part of your house and move on from there. For example, the average household PC uses a lot of energy, so why not try to make a small solar panel to power that, then look at the rest of your home?

The main reason most people would never even ask the question of how to make a small solar panel, is because they assume it’s too difficult. This couldn’t be further from the truth! It will require work of course, but the technical knowledge needed is actually quite basic and with the right tools and expertise, anyone can have a go at this. Not only that, you’ll be saving a packet – there are companies who will make solar panel kits up for you, but they charge a fortune.

The problem of course is finding useful, low-cost information that you can actually put to good use. I trawled the web for hours finding next-to-nothing, but eventually stumbled on one site that had everything I needed to know about how to make a small solar panel, plus much much more.

If you’re serious about making your home more energy efficient and saving yourself heaps of money, you should really check out for a low-down on what works, and what’s a waste.