Solar Power

Light And Radiation, Solar Energy, Alternative Energy

The energy that Earth receives from the sun every year is twice as much as the energy that will ever be obtained from all nonrenewable resources. This abundance in solar energy has been taken advantage by man since the discovery of energy conversion. Light and radiation primarily comprising solar energy are used by plants during photosynthesis and by the atmosphere in the hydrologic cycle. 30 percent of it returns to space, while the rest are unused.

The amount of unused energy is so enormous that it can even outsource all the energy generated in geothermal, nuclear and tidal power plants. Harnessing and converting it to useful energy can replace the traditional sources of electricity and fuels for machineries, thereby rapidly reducing air pollution. This is the reason solar energy is the best alternative energy to fuel technology and mans daily activities.

Solar energy is extremely useful in agriculture and architecture. In farming, sunlight is usually captured to optimize plant production and supply electricity for incubation and lighting. This has led to many farmers in provinces and suburbs such as Butte County and Chico City to switch from traditional to alternative energy. The transition has a significant effect on the efficiency and cost maintenance of energy sourcing.

However, the solar energy that can be harnessed is dependent on the geographical location of a country or state. Those who are nearer the equator have greater chances of harnessing this energy and converting it to other useful energy. This is the reason why most temperate regions have a huge percentage of energy sourced from alternative solar energy. As for the alternative energy butte county uses, there is minimal production, because the province is located at the upper part of the state.

Without conversion, solar energy can be a useful tool to reduce consumption of electricity. Many buildings are specially designed to have adjustable roofing to take advantage of solar light in place of electrical lighting. Some structures use sunlight as an alternative energy butte county to run ventilation systems.

On the other hand, some buildings are designed to repel radiation and light instead of harnessing it for current and future use. But in cities, solar energy is converted to mechanical energy for vehicles. alternative energy chico uses are utilized to generate cars in place of petroleum. Its performance even exceeds that of a petroleum-generated vehicle.

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