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LA Solar Group rolls out solar-ready roofing program

LA Solar Group created the Empower Program when it saw demand for solar integrated roofing. The program is a special offer to property owners who need to upgrade and improve the condition of their roof. Ideally, the time to install solar is during the construction or repair of a new roof.

“Our goal with the Empower Program is to allow property owners to comfortably finance any roof repair work that is needed without paying any additional cost toward the solar system. In other words, the system itself is the new roof,” says Robert Sarai, business development manager at LA Solar Group.

The Empower Program also allows roofers to include a solar installation to their roofing estimates at no additional cost. LA Solar Group brings a simple qualification process to the property owner and operational support to the roofer so that they can focus on growing their customer base and business by keeping their crews busy on the job with continuous roofing work.

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