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Kpmg: Global Energy Investment 1 / 4 To Invest In Chinese Power – Solar Energy – Heat Pump Industry

Heat Pump Network HC Recently, KPMG issued “BRIC” Electric Power Industry Report. One of China’s power industry research report, China’s current consumption is second only to the United States, the world’s second-largest electricity consumer, total electricity consumption in 2009 to 3.6 trillion kwh (3600 MWh). However, due to the large number of population, per capita electricity consumption in OECD countries average only about 20%.

Integrated multi-information in the report is expected in the next 20 years, the investment required in the power industry in China will reach 2.765 trillion U.S. dollars, equivalent to the global Energy Sector investment over the same period of 1 / 4. Face of China’s electric power market demand, growth rate and so on, KPMG head of Chinese power and utility partners Zhubing Hui told “, said the hope invested enterprises, need to keep abreast of market supply and demand; the other hand, To be able to grasp the policy, and Law; also need to better integrate into the local, multi-look for opportunities.

KPMG Statistics show that, at present, global, power consumption has stabilized in Western Europe, and China’s electricity consumption in the next 10 years will have increased greatly. Zhubing Hui said China’s electric power industry is in fact keeping up GDP Growth, there is room for growth, but also will maintain a fast growth rate. According to the International Energy Department data, from 2000 to 2008, China’s average annual growth rate of electricity consumption is about 12.5%, and this rapid upward trend will continue until 2020. By then, China’s total electricity consumption is expected to reach about 6.4 trillion kwh (6400 MWh). Data show that in 2000 China’s per capita electricity consumption is only 46% of the world average, 990 kilowatt hours; while in 2008 this figure rose to 2,416 kwh, is expected in 2020, China’s per capita electricity consumption will reach 4,500 kwh more .

In addition, the report shows, according to industry, the industry still accounts for the main part of the electricity, and greater growth. At the same time agricultural, commercial and residential electricity consumption also increased in varying degrees. Zhubing Hui said: “The total residential electricity consumption in the current proportion of small but growing fast. The acceleration of urbanization, increased consumption of urban residents made clear. The same time, a series of policies for rural modernization accelerated the growth in demand for electricity in rural areas. This is the future trend of residential electricity consumption. “KPMG Power report, with the improvement of living standard in the next five years, China’s electricity consumption will increase by 50%. However, the report also pointed out that, due to active promotion of Energy Environmental protection , On the consumption of Chinese urban residents will have an impact on future growth.

From the power structure, coal-fired power generation is still China’s main source of power. According to Zhu Binghui, at present China’s coal-fired power accounts for about 80% of electricity production, is the most important source of power. China’s abundant coal resources for the future status of the basic major coal-fired power will not be shaken, but according to KPMG’s study, 2020, coal-fired power generation accounting for the decline, accounting for 70% of the total electricity generation, hydropower, natural gas, biomass power, wind power and nuclear power have risen, and will also increase geothermal power generation.

Talk about nuclear power, Zhubing Hui said: “At present, the proportion of China’s nuclear power is relatively low. In recent years the country attached great importance to the development of nuclear power, nuclear power projects currently under construction, or many. KPMG predicts nuclear power by 2020 Power generation capacity is expected to total of 6%. “He also pointed out that China needs for future development of nuclear power safety and material supply from two considerations. At present the majority of imports of raw materials and increased costs. In addition, the nuclear power industry also needs a certain amount of subsidy support. However, Mr. Zhu Binghui also the development prospects of China’s nuclear power expressed optimism that the future will be better developed.

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