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King States: The Solar Energy Industry Debut At The Cctv Innovation Forum


Recently, in Shanghai at the central

TV station

Man of the Year Innovation Forum, the newly nominated 2005 C


V Emperor of China’s economic figures next year

Solar Energy

Huang Ming, chairman, introduced



Solar Industry

Experience gained in development and use “out of nothing,” outlines the Emperor Ming of the solar energy industry’s success story.

According to Wong Ming

introduced and developed countries to use government subsidies to the development of solar energy in different, Wong Ming is no policy to support the case, the independent use of the market to promote China’s renewable energy industry development, an important part of its successful model is Wong first to establish the culture,


Ahead, advanced technology and other development strategies. When the solar energy industry is still in its infancy, when the Ming emperor began to actively advertise for the solar energy business education, and dissemination of the imperial Ming


Culture, develop the market and establish a brand reflect the imperial Ming ahead

Marketing Theory

. Today, Wong Ming Miles solar science has reached over 8000 million km journey, Wong Ming publications The “Solar popular newspaper” has accumulated nearly 100 million were issued. On the technical side, the Chinese solar energy industry did not really start the core technology, but Wong will start tomorrow from the start the core technology of solar control and industrial development as their core business. Therefore, the Emperor Ming to “ODIC (Zero)” concept integrates the most advanced solar energy technology and R & D R & D


, The solar industry become one of the few with their own

Intellectual property rights

Industry. Wong Ming development and production of the “three high” vacuum tube, which control the solar energy research and development of core technology, technological innovation, so Wong Ming onto a sustainable development


The road.

As the solar industry’s first NPC, Huang Ming positive development for China’s solar energy industry to seek support for his proposal “The People’s Republic of China Renewable Energy Law,” New Year’s Day will be officially implemented in 2006, laid the ease the country’s energy crisis and the legal basis for conventional energy alternatives. At present, the Emperor Ming to promote solar energy accumulated eight million square meters, equivalent to 7 to 8 years throughout the European Union, the North American 16 to 18 years to promote the total, Huang Ming himself has represented China in the World Solar Energy Conference, U.S. Renewable Energy Forum International Conference, China’s solar energy industry development mode referral to the world, Emperor Ming of the solar energy industry development to create a miracle in the world solar energy industry caused the gasp in admiration. CCTV 2005 people voted in the economy, Huang Mingcheng for the Chinese renewable energy industry, the only representative of short-listed candidates

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