Solar Power

Key Considerations When Installing Solar Panels For Your Home

If you have made up your mind to go for solar electricity for your home, then you are making a wise decision. Installing solar panels will give you some degree of independence because you need not totally depend on the grid power anymore. Plus you would also be saving money. There are several key factors that you will have to consider before installing solar panels for your home.

1) Number of panels – Depending on your consumption of electricity you will decide on the number of solar panels to install. These units are modular and hence you can keep adding them in modules according to the wattage you require. Items like refrigerator and air conditioners require a lot of electricity. So you can start small by generating solar electricity for lighting and other basic requirements and then slowly expand.

2) Space and orientation – The second important factor to consider when installing solar panels for your home is the space and orientation. You will require some space on your terrace and there should be direct sunlight available. You will have to orient the panels such that buildings and trees don’t obstruct rays from the sun.

3) Storage requirements – Another key factor that is considered when installing solar panels for home is the storage capability. In order to store electricity you will require batteries. So depending upon your requirements of stored electricity you will buy the batteries. If you want to store more you will need additional batteries.

4) Outsource or DIY – Before you actually start this project you will have to make a decision about how you want to go about installing the solar panels. You can get it done by an outside company that specializes in this kind of work or do it yourself. Getting it done by an external agency will be quite expensive and if you do it yourself you may have to spend only a few hundred dollars. However before you start doing it yourself buy a good guide that will help you in this project. A good guide will save you time and effort, so don’t hesitate to buy an online guide. 

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