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Journey To The Sun For Solar Power

If you were searching the Internet for “DIY Solar Power”, you must be aware that we are living right under the strongest power source in our star system. There is nothing stronger than our sun, in about 3 light years distance around us. The sun is so strong that if you could take a small piece of it, as small as a penny, it would have enough power to meet all the energy requirements of New York City for 10 years. Of course it is not possible for us to go there and take a little piece of our beloved star. We don’t have to. The energy formed in the center of the sun travels the 150 million kilometers distance to earth and is ready to be used by whoever wants to use it freely.

All we have to do is buy a solar power system or build one ourselves for a fraction of the cost of a commercial system. There are lots of articles about the subject in the internet. In this article we will concentrate on the components.

The first and the most important components are the solar panels. They can be bought commercially but they can also be built easily. If you decide to build your own solar panels, it would be way cheaper and at the end of the day you would feel much better because you will know exactly how you can fix them when a storm or other external factors harm your panels. Another essential component is a set of deep cycle batteries. These batteries are different from automobile batteries. When there is no sun energy available, they give out the energy your house needs, with a low ampere and for a longer period of time. These batteries are charged with the excess energy your solar panels generate. To complement the battery set with a charge controller would prolong the useful life of your batteries preventing them to be overcharged. You should also use a power inverter to invert the DC (direct current) generated by your system to AC (alternative current) which is used in almost all of the household appliances. Between the batteries and converter, there is DC disconnect which cuts the power from the battery. Now we can welcome our new power to our home.

Our home meets with its new power source in AC breaker panel. On this panel there are electric switches for each part of the house and a mother switch. From this panel you can switch of electricity. It also acts as a failsafe against overcharging and short circuits in the house. A Kwh meter measures how much energy is used in the house. It measures the total power consumption of the house. You should also put a system meter between the battery and the inverter to measure the power consumed only from the battery banks.

Now you know the basics of a DIY solar power system, which is easy and efficient, saves energy, money and the future of our posterity.

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