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Jimo, Shandong: The Heat Pump, Solar Energy To Achieve Green Energy – Drilling Rig And Tool

“Using water source heat pump, solar and other technologies will allow sea water, sewage, solar transfiguration new energy. The total investment of 1.2 billion, all completed in around 5 square kilometers to meet the centralized heat, cold and hot water demand for air conditioning and life the same time, 220,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, 698 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, save 100,000 tons of standard coal, calculated according to 1,400 yuan per ton of coal, equivalent to savings of nearly 200 million yuan. “Jimo City, Shandong Province, Hong Kong and China Travel Area new energy project, energy conservation, Jimo Development Board Office staff to reporters.
Data indicate that the current GDP energy consumption fell Jimo million 0.5510 tons of standard coal, GDP energy consumption fell 3 consecutive year in the first five cities of Qingdao. In the first quarter, total industrial output reached Jimo 40800000000 yuan, up by 40.9%, an average of 1 kWh electricity 102 yuan of industrial output value.
Group in Qingdao, which made ironing shop, ironing knitwear workers are grouped. “We are ironing table by installing the transformation of the former a high-temperature exhaust gas emission iron collection and disposal, and then after a group of iron for the use of steam can save 30% cost savings per year more than 300 million.” Director of the Group Technology Center Lincheng Bing said.
Soon fat group, transformation, energy saving has been covering knitting, dyeing, ironing and so on the production process, through energy-saving technological transformation, the group cost more than 500 million a year.
Currently, Jimo industrial enterprises launched energy-saving technological transformation of the “low-carbon production of the wind.” According to statistics, in 2009, the city has implemented a total investment of 120 million yuan of 30 energy-saving technological transformation, promoting recycling economy project. “Recycling economy”, “low-carbon economy” has permeated all walks of life Jimo’s. Emerging industries in the city, auto parts industry “low-carbon model” is particularly prominent, with a total investment 600 million U.S. dollars of forest Kirin tire project, from pilot on the use of advanced energy-saving technology, the nitrogen used in dense vulcanization process smelting technology unit conversion 20% saving over traditional techniques.
In Jimo rural areas, biogas, solar energy is widely used. As the country’s gas production will be the first to industrialize enterprise, Qingdao Co., Southern States to clean energy with the local breweries, foundries, livestock and poultry plants, using the pipelining form, enter the straw, manure, waste water, the output methane. The co-Fang Qingli brewery withdrew the original coal-fired boilers into gas furnace, the daily production of 800 tons of waste water can be discharged in exchange for 8,000 cubic meters gas, coal not only save costs and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, and save a multi-million construction cost of wastewater treatment systems.

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