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ITRI unveils Spin Lab at Shalun’s solar energy demonstration space

The Industrial Technology Research Institute has unveiled a leading-edge testing facility for green energy technology. It”s called Subtropical Performance-Testbed for Innovative Energy Research in Buildings, or SPIN Lab for short. SPIN Lab can rotate 360 degrees, so that researchers can evaluate how different sunlight orientations affect the performance of green products and technology. This facility is the first of its kind in a subtropical zone.

With its abundant sunshine, Tainan is a natural choice for a solar energy base. In the Shalun area of Tainan, the central and local governments have built a demonstration space for green energy technology. A highlight is this solar-powered tree that breaks out in a colorful LED light show each night. It”s become an Instagram hotspot.

The area is also home to energy-saving demonstration homes, modeled after the townhouses common in Tainan. Equipped with smart energy-saving technologies that maximize renewable power, they let households cut their energy consumption by half.

Yu Chen-wei
Bureau of Energy
Through this experimental platform that we built, we”re able to accelerate technology R&D and take it to that last mile, so that we can push it to commercial applications. I think that for Taiwan”s carbon reduction goals, and for the future of our energy sector, this platform provides a considerable positive contribution.

Liu Wen-hsiung
ITRI president
We”re hoping to test and run various integrated technologies here. In addition, we”re hoping to build an industrial cluster here in Shalun.

Another highlight is this building called the SPIN Lab, which rotates to simulate different sunshine orientations. It can be used for the performance verification of green energy building technology and other products.

Huang Wei-che
Tainan mayor
I believe that everyone agrees on the goal of shifting to green energy. How do we increase development and installations, without affecting the people”s quality of life? That”s a goal we”re all working toward.

ITRI is developing the Shalun site alongside 12 foreign and domestic manufacturers. It hopes that the Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City will serve as a key base for Taiwan”s energy transition.