Solar Power

Installing Residential Wind Power Systems

Often when homeowners are thinking about installing a renewable energy system they think that solar panels are the only option. While solar power is a great way to generate a lot of electricity, wind power systems provide a very compelling alternative for most homes.

Wind power systems come in many different designs and the one you choose will depend on your lot size and your budget. Wind turbines most commonly come as horizontal models.

This version has a set of blades connected to a rotor and often sits on top of a tower. They connect to a generator and when the blade is spun by the wind, a shaft will turn the generator and electricity is generated.

This type of wind turbine can be very efficient and will generate enough power to really help you lower your electricity costs. Although it may not produce all the electricity you need to power your home you can definitely have a positive impact.

In addition to the horizontal version of the wind power systems, there is also a vertical style wind turbine. While these are not as common as the horizontal style, they have become more popular in recent years, with a few new designs being released.

Vertical wind turbines have a few advantages over standard horizontal model. The vertical design is actually older than the horizontal design and was used for hundreds of years in Europe before the horizontal version was developed.

One of the benefits of vertical wind turbines is that they will catch the wind matter which way it comes from. This will mean that the vertical design will produce power more consistently and will work in low velocity winds as well.

Another advantage is that the vertical wind power systems allow you to have the generator motor located near the ground instead of on the top of the tower. This means they can be used in more places than the horizontal version can and may not even need a tower to operate.

The downside to the vertical wind turbines is that they are not as efficient as the horizontal versions. Even those they said spend more time actually spinning than horizontal turbines and they worked in lower winds over the same time period, they still generate less energy.

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