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Installing My Own Solar Panels – Some Basic Information

The evidence has become conclusive that solar panels can be a good investment and do create some benefit for the environment. It is possible for some individuals to complete the task with very little professional installation. Many individuals may find that they can complete the installation of the panels and then enlist the service of someone in the connecting of the electrical wiring. How you choose to install the panels is up to you but if you are considering whether “installing my own solar panels” is a possibility there are some things to be aware of.

Choosing the Panel Location

The first is placement. One of the most common places for solar panels to be installed is on the roof of a home. This involves positioning the panels which may weigh from twenty to forty pounds onto your roof. For some this is not that difficult. Next you will need to secure them using hardware. Most of this actual process does not require anything beyond typical handyman aptitude. Wires may need to be run from the panels through central routes, but at these points there is usually no real danger and most people should not have a problem with this. In general if the weight is not too much this step is probably something you can do. It is important to take safety precautions though and you should have plenty of help and adequate equipment. There is more to “installing my own solar panels” though.

Planning Advice

There are various details that are involved during installation. You will know which aspects of the installation you can handle on you own and those that you may want to consider asking for some professional help. Simply laying the panels flat on the roof may not create the greatest efficiency. You may know that the angle at which the sunlight hits the panel will impact the efficiency of the panel. Many kits include instructions and all of the necessary information to calculate the best angles, so you need not stop your plans to do it yourself. Know that the execution of this step will impact the amount of energy that your panel can create. Since the installation is a semi-permanent step it is best to have the planning done properly beforehand. Simply keep in mind the importance of this step of “installing my own solar panels”.

Following the Installation

After the installation, there is still a lot left toward “installing my own solar panels.” There will still be the step of connecting the panels to your houses power wires. There are some options in this step including whether you want to connect the panels to the power grid or not. There are benefits to each and in the installation there are considerations to each. Because of the serious risks inherent in working with electricity it is a good idea to have someone present that is knowledgeable in safety. If not simply have a professional complete this part of the process. In addition to connecting the wiring there will be a number of components that need to be added.

This should not be considered a step by step plan, but it does give you an idea of how much you may be able to do if you are planning an “installing my own solar panels” project. Safety is vital and planning ahead will help increase safety and make the project go more smoothly. Things like planning the running of the wires all the way from the panels to their connection with your house’s wiring can help a lot. You can usually learn the details of installation involved with any particular system or part on the manufacturer’s website or by contacting the manufacturer.

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