Solar Power

Improving your Home with a Solar Energy System

Can a home owner improve their home in an environmentally friendly manner and minimize their monthly expenses by utilization of a solar power system. Solar power is an excellent alternative type of power when compared to electricity.  Solar energy is a great alternative energy source instead of electricity.  Once only a dream, improvements provided in you home with a solar energy system is accessible to everyone.

Solar panels are utilized to change light into electricity. The energy of the sun is taken in by the solar cells.  Solar systems are also referred to as PV or photovoltaic systems.  PV systems are the most simple type which powers certain watches and calculators.  To power a home, pump water or provide energy for communication devices a more complex system is required. Panels and modules connecting solar cells make up these systems. These structures are placed on top of houses and commercial buildings.  Semi-conductors usually made of silicon compose PV cells. The sun’s light is taken in by the semiconductors and changed into electricity.

Your homes size and power needs will determine the price of your solar system.  The price for solar systems has declined by eighty percent over the past 20 years but the current cost for an average size home is still 20-40 thousand dollars. Incentives are available from a lot of state and local governments by way of rebates and federal tax credits which can offset the upfront cost of a solar system considerably. On going savings will occur by possibly not having electric energy bills any longer. A lot of people with solar systems use “net metering”.  This actually allows the solar power owner the opportunity to sell their excess solar produced power to the electric utility company.  Your home then becomes a money making opportunity.

By using solar power prevents the home from having to depend upon the electric grid for their power.  The cost to carry electric lines from the electric grid averages $ 20,000 to $ 80,000 a mile.  It is easy to see a solar power system provides astounding savings.  Reality is remote countries are using solar power systems instead of using power lines for this reason.

Before installing a solar energy system in their home the homeowner should lower their use of electric power. The expensive up front cost of a solar power system is found by many homeowners to be worth it in the long run.  Global warming will be lowered and the life of earth extended with more individuals using solar energy.


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