Solar Power

Important Facts of a Solar Panel

When building a solar panel there are a few points to take in consideration. Not only do you need to build something that helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Or save you money on our power bills via producing power using non fossil fuel means. But what about the product itself, are we building something that in itself is friendly toward the environment. When you are considering how to start reducing your carbon emissions output and begin building your solar panel or wind turbine, think about the products you are going to use to build it. How good would if the power saving zero carbon products you are building were in itself totally environment friendly. This would give you and the world the total effect of what the main aim is in the first place. To reduce our carbon footprint, save money and make the world a better place for today and tomorrows children…

Many have their own versions of what are important factors when building a true green solar panel. Undeniably there are a few points that need to be considered.

1. The design and functionality of major components is equal in life (It last as long as the shortest lived component.
2. The use of renewable energy to produce energy intensive materials where ever possible. (E.g. Silicon slices, aluminum parts and so on.)
3. Green friendly chemistry products to produce and make adhesives and solar components.
4. The ability to recycle in a cost effective manner the solar panels easily if and when dismantled.

These are four simple points that are of consideration when you are embarking on building a solar panel. Simply following these guidelines can lead you into a true environment friendly project. Thus reducing your carbon footprint and once again leaving the world in a better state for future generations. After all we helped get it to here and with this new way of thinking we can change it.

John Streethon is a novice who is building solar panels using easy to follow guides. They can be found at Solar Panel How To Make. Another great site can be found HERE


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