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How to Pick Solar Panels for Your House

Solar cells are the basically what individual solar panels are made up from. All the cells are electrically linked up together, in order to provide us with a particular amount of current and voltage. The entire panel is completely and properly protected so it can defend itself from weather conditions and general wear.

There are numerous types of solar panels available on the market. You should choose the solar panels for you according to your needs and wants, like your energy demands. The most well known models are made up of 32 to 36 solar cells, made up from crystalline silicon.

Solar panels are made from extremely sensitive materials so you will need to find the solar panel suited to your climate. For instance if you live in an area where it is extremely sandy or dusty then you’ll need a different type of solar panel, as it will need different surface protection to defend itself from dust and sand. Same goes if you live in an area where the earth is just soil or clay like.

The same applies for weather conditions, even when it rains, snows or is just extremely windy, your solar panel will continue to work. But if you live in a climate that is usually very rainy or windy then you buy specialised solar panels suited to specific weather conditions. So you can get the most out of your solar panels even in the worst conditions.

When picking solar panels, don’t forget to look closely at the mechanical construction of each panel before purchasing. Make sure you verify the glass is sufficiently hardened otherwise you may face problems in the long term. Solar cells can last up to 35 years if they’re well protected but if you use a poorly built frame instead of a strong and robust aluminium frame then the solar panel’s life span will be considerable shorter.

Also make sure that solar panel is able to defend itself from chemical hazards such as sulphuric acid rain that could possibly cause corrosion. If the solar panels are built with strengthened glass then it should have full protection from any forms of corrosive chemical hazards.

So to summarise, make sure that you buy solar panels that are well protected from your local environmental conditions, check that the glass is sufficiently hardened plus keep in mind the mechanical build quality of the solar panels and finally make sure they are effectively protected from chemical hazards.

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