Solar Power

How to Make Your Own DIY Solar Power (And Slash Your Energy Bills For Good!)

Although searching for the most affordable solar power systems is seemingly difficult, inevitably this form of energy will become crucial to our way of life. More and more people are already tapping into the energy from the sun as a main power source in their homes because it is better for the environment and save them a ton of money too. For them, DIY solar power is the way to go.

As the sun continually supplies energy, it does not cause more pollution like other traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels. Likewise, we should not be scared of a deficiency in the sun as an energy source, as the sun is always providing us with an abundance of energy supply. However, many people find the task of installing a system that converts the sun’s rays into a usable power source daunting.

This article will guide you through the crucial steps needed to install DIY solar power in your home without excessive spending.

1. Search online for a guide on putting together a solar panel. The Internet is ideal for this information, as most guides come with detailed illustrated instructions that are easy to grasp.

2. Buy the necessary parts. Generally, used parts are less expensive than new ones. Also, you could buy solar cells that are flawed but still efficient at a much lower price than retail. Materials such as glass, plywood, solder, copper wire, wood screws, UV protector, and silicone can be bought individually.

3. Construct the solar paneling. After buying all of the necessary materials, the cells can be fused together. Then, place the cells onto a sheet of plywood covered by a UV protector. Put glass over the cells, and then finish it up by sealing it with silicone caulk.

4. Set up the panels on the roof. As the roof is the part of the house most facing the sun, it is the best location for the panels. Most importantly, there should not be any obstacles between the panels and sun so that the cells can soak up the sun rays.

5. Connect the panels to a battery which should be hooked up to your home power source. This battery is necessary, as it is where the energy is amassed for later use.

Following these basic directions listed above will allow you to reap the benefits of providing your own power source in your home. Researching the do-it-yourself aspect of solar energy panels is the hardest part of this process, and by doing so, the cheapest solar power systems obtainable today are DIY solar power…something that is well within your grasp.

Want to make your own DIY solar power but don’t know where to start?