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How to Make Solar Panels and Start Living Off-Grid

Solar panels for residential use
by Esthr

Anyone looking to save money using solar energy should know that solar panels are quite costly. Brand new solar panels can run well into thousands of dollars plus the installation fees.  There’s no worry, these days making your own solar panels for a fraction of the cost is possible and not only that but it’s fun too. 

Cheap energy is within your grasp you must reach out and grab it. This article will give you an overview of making your own solar panels. I’m not some sort of super handyman and still got two panels up and running. Here is my list of things that you need to get started. All the part that you’ll need are easy to find at your local solar parts suppliers.

1.  DIY manual – detailed instructions on making your own solar energy system
2.  Sheets of plywood
3.  Solar cells (you should be able to get these online at the lowest cost)
4.  Glass Panes
5.  One roll of copper wire

A DIY manual would cost you no more than 40-70$ and can provide you with detailed step-by-step information.  The best books also give you plans on wind generators since when coupled with a solar power system can cover up all the electricity your house needs.  The guide book that we recommend contains detailed instructions along with illustrated diagrams and videos and not that but they also gave me ideas on where to buy cheap solar cells which are half of the investment.

So if you wonder how much it would cost you to make solar panels all by yourself look no further. We’ve managed to make our first solar panel in two days and spent less than 165$ as opposed to two thousand dollars as you would have to pay for a brand new one. (depending on its manufacturer).

Overall it’s a great experience and think about how much money you could save yearly and the feeling you’ll have by living off grid. Going green doesn’t have to be expensive you can make your own solar panels with ease in your own backyard.

If you’re tired of high electricity bills discover how thousands of families worldwide benefit from homemade solar panels to power their homes. For more information on how to build homemade solar panels read our Earth 4 Energy review.

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