Solar Power

How to Make Solar Panels and Save Money Right After the First Month

If you’re wondering how to cut your electricity bill by up to 80% or even more you might have considered installing solar panels but they’re just too expensive. Their price ranges from two thousand up to fifteen thousand dollars which isn’t something that most people can afford. You don’t need to look any further because this article offers you an overview of how to reduce your electricity bills and make solar panels for a fraction of the cost.

It was last year that I got fed up with my electric bills that kept increasing month after month. Back then I decided to buy a DIY solar power guide but initially I was skeptical that the whole process would be too complicated for a DIY novice like me and I’m sure you might have the same concerns.

After reading the guide and buying all the parts that a solar panel requires I started  building my own renewable energy source right away. The manual I have used contains all the information one needs to install a fully functional solar panel in their own backyard. The guide is very easy to follow, it clearly explains each step that you have to take. Not only it gives you basic information but step-by-step instructions, illustrated diagrams and DIY videos. Building solar panels doesn’t even take much of you time. I completed my system in just two days. In fact I’ve built 3 solar panels of 300 watts each that can cover up all the electricity my appliances need. (without the lightening).

Going green doesn’t have to be expensive anyone can make their own solar panels with ease if you have a solid guide to follow. My electric bill was reduced by 35% after the first month.  We’re now building another set of solar panels and hope to start living completely off-grid by the end of next month. If a DIY novice like me could do it why would you be any different. All you need is to get a guide and start making your own solar panels all by yourself without having to pay thousands for brand new solar power system or hiring professionals to do it for you.

If you’re tired of high electricity bills discover how thousands of families worldwide use homemade solar panels to power their homes.