Solar Power

How to Live the Green Energy Home Dream

There are so many advances in green energy technology, it has become easier than ever to start turning your home into a green energy home. To be categorized as a green energy home you must utilize renewable resources to provide electricity, hot water and heat. The sense of independence you get out of it is amazing.

There are many great ways to get started on your plan to convert to a green home. One of the first would be solar energy. You can install solar hot water collectors that heat and store water. You can install solar panels, that use photovoltaic cells to turn the suns energy into electricity. Solar systems such as these can be pricey if purchasing them and having them installed by a pro. But with a little research you will find a lot of great resources available to guide you to build your own solar panels and solar hot water systems at a greatly reduced cost.

For those people that are just building their home, the best way to make it a green energy home is to use an active solar design during construction. What I mean by this is to take advantage of south facing sides of the house for heating and cooling. You should install lots of high efficiency windows and heat absorbing/retaining stone and bricks on the south facing walls. Installing lifetime roofing materials will save you a lot of future labor costs.

Wind turbines would be a great choice to add to your overall design. Wind Turbines are used to generate renewable energy from the resource wind. Turbines can be installed in yards or on rooftops and produce pollution free electricity. Wind turbines can be bought from retailers or there are many affordable kits readily available that the average Joe, do-it-yourselfer can assemble.

If you have a stream or man made water feature on your property, you can also add to the efficiency of your green energy home system with hydroelectric power. Easy to maintain, pollution free system that works as long as water is flowing.

The supreme dream of a green home would combine all of these resources. You will generate huge savings by utilizing wind, water and solar to generate electricity and possibly receive profits from your electric company. You would be on your way to being truly green as each of these projects contribute very little to global warming. By further combining active solar design, solar hot water systems, wind turbines and hydroelectric power you are reducing your energy needs exponentially and truly living the dream of going green.

A green energy home does not take any more maintenance than average homes. Solar technologies take very little maintenance. Wind and water turbines only take regular lubing for top performance. The time has arrived to build or convert your green energy home and start living your dreams in green.

Choosing to Go Green by utilizing renewable energy sources will be the wisest decision of your life, it was for me and I’ll never look back. If you need more information please visit my Blog here: If you are ready to get started you will find an easy to follow step by step guide on my blog also.