Solar Power

How to do home solar power systems yourself?

As in Crisis, you should learn how to save money! Stop being held hostage by the electric company and discover how you can build your own solar power.

*Power Companies

It’s very simple: All of us absolutely need electricity and the power companies know it. They have been increasing price for years and not investing in new nuclear facilities since the 1970’s which are relatively low maintenance costs! But today, the average household spends more than $ 1,000 per year on electricity and the rates will keep going up and up guaranteed.

*How home solar power system work?

The Sun produces a range of energy which we can only see a small part of as visible white light. Solar panels turn another part, or wavelength, of the light into electricity that can be harnessed. A photovoltaic cell (PV Cell) produces electricity on the principle that electricity will be produced when two semiconductors are exposed to a particular wavelength of light. Groups of PV Cells are linked together to form panels, the bigger the panel and the more cells, the greater the amount of electricity can be produced.

You will also be fighting global warming in a very real and meaningful way! Choosing new technology can reduce use of fossil fuels and help protect the planet. You will help curb global warming and create a safer environment for the future.

*You can do this system for as little as $ 200!

In fact you just need invest $ 200 then you can transform your energy-using home into an energy producing “green home”! You don’t need skills in engineering, specialized and expensive equipment, or even a big initial investment, just the determination to STOP being held hostage by the Power Companies, a small but manageable investment, and the Energy 4 Green systems manual! Forget about spending $ 3,000 or more for factory made windmills and solar panels!

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