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How to Build Your Own Solar Panels at Home

Solar panels for residential use
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Building your own homemade solar panels is now a realistic prospect, and with a little know-how and spare time you can not only make your home more environmentally friendly, but also save a bundle while doing it.

Full commercial solar installations can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many years to repay this cost. With the right approach, you can build your own solar powered systems for a small fraction of this and begin immediately to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy. By building your own solar panels you can begin immediately for a low cost as you can make and use one panel at a time and grow your system to meet your needs. The panels will quickly pay for themselves and then after that point all of the energy they produce is effectively free.

The secret to a successful homemade solar energy project is to find a good design guide that can walk you through all of the steps involved. As homemade solar power is now a very popular activity there have been many such guides spring up recently and unfortunately not all of them are of a very high quality. In fact some that I looked at contained errors and even misleading information, so I can’t overstate the importance of finding a good quality design guide.

If this is the first time you decided to build your own solar power system then it may not be so easy to tell which designs are good and which ones will turn your project into a disaster. The best information out there is of course from people who have already constructed their own systems and are willing to share their experiences and put you on the right track. Having someone who can show you the tips and tricks involved is invaluable, especially for your first project.

I spent ages looking for the best way to build a DIY solar power system, you can read about my experiences at DIY Solar Power. You can see the results of my tests at DIY Solar Panels. For more information visit

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