Solar Power

How to Build Solar Panels For Electricity – Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Building your own solar panel is really a very easy to do project. They are constructed of photovoltaic cells that are strung together to form a panel. The sun then heats the cells and energy is created. This energy is converted to electricity. The sun is an incredibly powerful and effective source of energy and readily available.

The sun produces an unlimited supply of free energy and adds no pollution to our planet, like fossil fuels. Harnessing solar energy is an excellent solution to both our limited supply of fossil fuels and the growing concern over the harmful effects of pollution.

Some people have decided to purchase manufactured solar panels and have them installed in their homes by professionals. You may be considering that option. You will find out, however, that they are extremely expensive to purchase ready made. Commercially manufactured and installed SP, in fact, can cost as much as $ 20,000, a cost that is prohibitive to many homeowners.

Building your own home made solar panel on the other hand can be done for less than $ 200.

Let me give you the knowledge on how to make your own solar panels for only $ 104.53. Here’s the recipe on how to make your own SP
New or Used Solar Cells
Plastic plexi-glass
Any screws to hold down the solar panels
Silicone Caulk
Wire for Soldering
Paint is optional
Jones Plug i explain this to you later

The first thing you’ll need besides knowing how to make your own SP is the items .

Don’t fret if you can’t get it for free. It’s really cheap at The Home Depot anyway. If you can add a battery to the list, then you won’t need the Jones Plug. The Jones Plug may work better though. It’s optional to have the battery.

You can hook up your SP directly to your power source or the best bet if you’re just starting is to just use a rechargeable battery.

Smart people plan, be sure you plan because you will be working with electricity. Make sure you read all the instructions before starting so you can know how it works.

You may be able to reduce your electricity bill or even get rid of them entirely. (If you can harness the power of solar energy with my instructions on how to build your own solar panels.

Bear in mind that you’ll need the right diagrams and guides to help you along the way.Keep in mind that the source of how to build your own solar panels must be reliable and give you step by step diagrams to help you out.) Be prepared to spend up to $ 200 on supplies for your solar panels.

IT can be very rewarding and self-satisfying knowing that you can build your own solar panels. Be sure you check out the right guide for you

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