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How to Build Solar Panel Easily

Solar panels for residential use
by DVS1mn

The process of building a solar panel is much less complicated than you imagine. If you are not sure how to build solar panel, this will help to give you a clearer picture. There are many methods that you can build a working solar panel. There is no need to waste thousands of dollars to get a state of the art solar panel, when you can make one that cost much less. Simply by using the products available on the market and following a guide, you can build your own solar panel from home. These are the things you would require if you are going to get one built:

1) Copper Sheets
You need to cut a piece of copper sheet the same size as a burner on your stove. Be sure to wash wash the piece of copper with soap and water and scrap it with a needle brush. This is the most important step to get the grease and dirt from the copper off.

2) Heating and Cooling the Copper

Do so by placing it on the stove burner and heat it. At first you will see it turn orange and purple. After heating for a while, the copper will turn black. Keep the copper on the eye of the burner and you will start to see it turn red and then a darker black. This is the color you want. Let the copper heat for a half an hour and turn off the stove. Let the copper cool slowly. Once it has cooled then you are ready to move to the next step.

3) Assembling it
Cut another piece of copper the same size as the first one. Place them in a plastic container without touching each other. Take a meter and two clips to measure. Mix in a few tablespoons of salt into a separate container and stir with water until dissolved. Pour the solution into the container with the copper sheets. Do not get the wires wet. Be sure leave an inch of copper above the water.

With all the assembly in the sunlight, your meter will start to show signs of energy being produced. You should get about a 30 reading on your meter. In a small scale, this can power many small electrical devices. Without the power of a generator, you have a new power source. Sometimes you can even get up to 50 micro amps which are about 0.25 volts. Remember that a solar cell is a electric device that converts the sun rays into electricity. This is the basis of what you need to get started in building a larger scale solar panel that can eventually replace your home’s energy need.

Thousands around the world are discovering the wonders of renewable energy, and have been amazed at how much less they are paying for their electrical bills. To learn more about how to build a solar panel, visit today!

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