Solar Power

How Solar and Wind Power Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar energy
by miheco

Almost everybody has heard of solar power and wind power. It is mentioned on about every green website you visit, but one thing that keeps people from switching is the misconception that is is expensive to get started. That used to be true, and solar power systems and windmills on store shelves and in catalogs are expensive to this day. These will not help you in terms of saving money, only in being green. But there is an alternative that most people do not know exists, and that is to build your own solar panels and windmills.

A solar panel or a windmill can be easily built for less than two hundred dollars each. It does not take a fully equipped machine shop, and and engineering degree. They can be built in your garage or back yard. All of the materials you will need are available at your local hardware store or home improvement store. In a lot of cases, you can find the materials slightly used for less money, and in some cases, for free. This would leave you with a solar power collector or windmill for just the cost of the plans and a little work.

Solar panels can be placed on the roof of your home, or any other building on your land. This will have them in the best place to collect the suns rays and be out of your way. Nothing for you to trip over, or run into with the riding mower. A windmill can be dressed up into a very attractive lawn ornament, and most people will not even know it is an electricity generator. Every solar panel or windmill you build will lower your power bill. If you are on a budget and cannot afford to build a large amount of panels or windmills, you can build them one at a time when you have the money. As you add them to your homes electrical system, you will notice your power bill getting smaller until you no longer have to pay a power bill.

Some people have even taken the step of setting up banks of batteries to store power for use later. This allows them to have a reserve for the night time when the sun does not shine, and for times that the wind does not blow. This reserve of power gives them the freedom to have their home electrical service disconnected, and live totally on their solar and wind power.

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