Solar Power

How Renewable Solar Energy Can Keep Your Electric Bills Low and Help Save the Planet

Using reusable power such as solar energy is one of the ways that can not only save you $ 100’s in power bills, but can also slow down global warming, and save what is left of the earth’s resources. It’s possible that it will not be feasible to use fossil fuels in the very new future as we continue to use them at an alarming rate.

We have to remember that these fuels are not reusable. Once the oil, coal and gas is taken from the ground it’s not replenished for thousands of years. Therefore,we have to look for alternative sources of power. Solar energy is sustainable, reusable and plentiful.

There are many ways in which solar energy can be collected and turned into power. The most common is installing solar panels on the roof. Of course the more roof space you have the more solar panels you can install.

Solar energy collected from these panels can be used to power anything from televisions, laptop computers, light bulbs, fridge freezers, or even the central heating or air conditioning systems.

Advances in technology have enabled solar panels to be made much thinner and smaller, and the cost of installing them is dropping as well. The amount of solar energy captured from the sun is improving. Plastic solar cells at present can harness about 6% of the sun’s energy, but scientists are working on solar cells that could capture up to 30% of solar energy.

This increase in solar energy efficiency would mean even on less sunny days and in cooler climates the amount of power you could generate from solar cells would be enough to make you independent of your power company, and you may even be able to sell some electricity back to them!

It’s possible to build your own solar panels for under $ 200, using materials found in your local diy store. Even someone with little or no experience in diy can learn how to do this from some of the books on the subject now found readily available on the internet.

Another process in which solar energy can be used is to allow isolated areas the means to create cleaner water. One of the major difficulties that developing nations face is the ability to provide clean water sources for their people. Using photovoltaic cells, brackish water can be made drinkable.

The uses are many and the energy itself is plentiful. There is no reason why, with the advances that have been made recently, that the Earth could not be largely powered by the sun. In reality it is already. All of the energy that we use somehow derives from the sun and it is now necessary that more direct methods are found, that everyone can use, that will allow this great resource to be utilised.

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