Solar Power

How Making Solar Panels For Your Home Can Save You Money

Solar panels for residential use
by CERTs

Making solar panels for your home has never been easier nowadays. You would not have seen this feasible ten years ago. Not only can you now possibly find this at your local do-it-yourself hardware store, there are various sites on the Internet that will teach you how making solar panels for your home is simple and also very affordable.

The world should have gone into making solar panels for your home more accessible several years back. It would have drastically helped reduce our dependency on conventional power sources, as well as made our environment a lot cleaner. But, of course, it is never too late, and thankfully enough, making solar panels for your home will prove to be a big change.

Many benefits can be had by having systems like these. The most obvious, of course, is reducing dependency on the local electric company, which is already big savings in the long run. You can then have an off grid application wherein excess power generated by you can be channeled over to other households. The power company pays you for this, of course. In some U.S. states, they even give forms of tax rebates for power sharing and incentives for building these systems.

There are two options into having these arrays installed at your house. Either you make it yourself or you buy from professionals and have them install it. The latter is more expensive, but both will save you a lot in the long run so cost is really irrelevant.

A basic do-it-yourself system will probably put you back $ 200 the most, while a professionally installed one would be in a few thousands of dollars. This will depend on how many arrays you plan to put up and whether you want partial dependency or wish to carry on the load of the whole house. What you need to do is compute the consumption of non-stop appliances you have, like the fridge perhaps. Then, include those that have a possibility to run at the same time, like the washing machine, coffee maker, TV, stereo, and computer. Oh, and do not forget the lights. Some people overlook this and do not include their lights in the computation. If you have a few, it will not matter that much, especially since you should put a certain percentage of allowance at the total you come up with.

If the budget you have will not accommodate the whole house, it would not matter. This is another nice thing with a setup like this because it is flexible as well as modular. This means that you can segment certain arrays for specific areas or equipment, and as the need grows or the budget expands, then you can consider putting up the next module. With options like these, making solar panels for your home will probably be the best decision you would have ever made.

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