Solar Power

How Good Are Solar Panels?

Most of us have heard about solar energy and how great it can be to use to save you money but how good are solar panels? How effective are they in saving you money versus the cost to install and set them up on your home?

The two most common barriers to using solar power in your home is the initial set up costs and the inefficiency of the panels themselves.

To have a professional come to your home and do everything for you, including buying and the installing your solar energy system, can cost up to $ 20,000 for the average home. If your average electric bill was $ 200 a month and you saved an average of $ 125 a month using your solar power system it would take an average of 13 years and 3 months to recoup your initial set up costs.

When you consider that you will drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill this is not a high amount but for the average homeowner it’s too expensive to consider a serious option. The most common alternative is build your own solar panels using an instruction guide. Most popular guides will teach you how to build one for less than $ 200, which is much less than buying commercially made ones. If you were to build 20 solar panels your average cost would be only $ 4,000 and you would recover your initial set up costs (using the average savings above) in 2 years and 7 months.

The most efficient solar panel  you can buy is only 40% efficient, meaning that out of all the suns energy you capture only 40% of it is being used to make power you can use and the rest is lost in the conversion process. But improvements are being made every day in making them more efficient. Just ten years ago they were only able to make them 15% – 20% efficient. Most environmental scientists are working on making them cheaper so they are more accessible and affordable so you can use more of them for less money but some scientists are still working on making higher efficiency solar systems and they are having some success. Soon they will make another breakthrough and make this technology more easy accessible for us all.

To learn more about how good are solar panels visit and learn more about how to make your own panels and start saving thousands of dollars a year in electricity costs today!