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How Does Solar Power Work? It’s Time to Use Renewable Sources of Energy

I first asked myself the question “How does solar power work?” when I was first introduced to solar power. I was given a calculator that was run by solar power. I was fascinated by the idea that there was no on or off switch. There was no need for a battery, because as long as there was enough light, it worked. I was completely amazed by the solar cell on the face of the calculator. I would spend hours covering and uncovering the cell trying to figure out how it worked. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to channel that energy to power all of our homes and offices? Well we can.

How Does Solar Power Work to with the sun? On a clear and sunny day, the sun shines about 1,000 watts of energy per square yard of the earths surface. We are making strides in collecting that energy to easily power all of our homes and office buildings. The energy from the sun will always be there. And the best part is that energy doesn’t cost a thing. This is free energy.

So how does solar power work to be able to turn the energy of the sun into electricity for us to power our homes and offices? We know the sun’s light contains energy. When that light hits something that energy turns to heat, somewhat like the warmth you feel from the sun while going for a walk or resting on the beach. When that energy hits different kinds of materials, instead of heat, that energy turns into an electric current. We can harness that energy to power our homes with electricity. This is called photovoltaic?

How does solar power work with photovoltaics? The technology behind photvoltaics is quite simple but can be very confusing. The ideas is very easy to understand: when light (in the form of sunlight) hits a material called silicon, electrical energy in the form of an electron is released. The tricky part is in harnessing these displaced electrons. Solar panels are made from pv cells.

How does solar power work to power my house? Solar panels can be placed on the roof or in your yard to turn solar energy into electricity. Solar panels can provide enough energy to power many appliances in your home. If you have enough sunlight and solar panels, you may be able to go completely off grid and get all the power you need for your house with the solar panels. During those times when there is no sun you can have a battery backup to store that energy and use it when you need it.

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