Solar Power

How Does Solar Energy Work in Your Home?

Solar energy
by compxl

Unless you’ve been living in a cave (literally) you’ve heard about solar energy. But many people don’t know how it actually works. Or even how to use it around their home. This article should help clear up for you how does solar energy work and its uses around your home.

The basic idea of using the suns power is actually pretty simple depending on what you plan to do with it.

If you want to make heat to help supplement your heating bill every winter you would have a solar panel or a passive solar heat collector that has tubing or water tanks inside of them. After the sun heats up the water it is then transferred into your home via water pipes for your use as hot water or to help supplement heating depending on how you set up your system.

To generate electricity using solar energy you would be using a different process with your solar panels. Instead of having tubing or a water container in your panels you have photovoltaic (solar) cells inside them. When the sunlight hits the panels the solar cells inside them are agitated and this movement is what actually generates electricity. It forms DC (direct current) electricity though, which isn’t usable by most homes. So then you would need an inverter to convert the power into AC (alternate current) electricity which is the most popular form of power today.

You can also use the suns direct heat to make a solar oven and make your meals. Many third world countries do this now to conserve their fossil fuels for other uses. There are a few different design types such as parabolic (think of an upside down umbrella with tinfoil on the inside to direct the suns rays to the center where your food sits in a pot) or the typical box type with a piece of glass on top of it to concentrate the sunlight inside where the food sits.

I hope this article gave you a good general idea of how does solar energy work around your home and the many ways you can use it. To learn more about how to use alternative energy sources at home to save you money and reduce your impact on the environment visit and discover more!

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