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Homemade Solar Panels – Advantages and Disadvantages

Generating your own electricity is one of the best ways to save money. Installing solar panels in your home is actually a simple and inexpensive task, and it reaps many benefits. But as in most cases, using solar energy to power your home/business can also have its disadvantages.

In order to get a better understanding of using solar panels for energy, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages…


1.) Starting with the most obvious advantage; Money. You’ll save thousands over the course of a year and significantly reduce your electrical bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely!

2.) Just think – No more monthly payments to the electric company…

3.) Setup and installation can all be done for as little as $ 200

4.) Very low-maintenance once up and running; after successfully installing your solar panels, they will only require occasional cleaning or possibly a change of batteries

5.) You can relax knowing that you are no longer “helpless” when it comes to the current energy costs (your costs will never again fluctuate like the price of gas has been lately)…

6.) The energy that you’re producing is both free and renewable

7.) This one may sound a little strange, but did you know that you can have the electric companies write YOU a check each month? That’s right… To learn more about how you can start getting paid by the power companies read “this article”

8.) Solar energy is environmentally beneficial. You won’t be producing energy that releases harmful emissions in the process

9.) One word – RELIABLE…(Unless the ceases to shine, you’ll never run out this renewable energy!)

10.) Have more freedom with electricity. Once you have your own panels, you’ll have the capability to generate power in locations that aren’t on the grid! (i.e. – campground or vacation home)

11.) No more unexpected or inconvenient power outages

12.) No longer worry about turning every single light or television off in order to preserve energy and save money. You won’t be “wasting” any electricity. So go ahead and leave the lights on when you walk out of a room.

13.) one of the cleanest energy forms available today

14.) Can be used around the world – it’s both renewable AND accessible in almost anywhere around the globe

15.) Minimizes the negative side effects the comes from “living under power lines” and other residential neighborhood concerns…In other words: Safety from health


16.) A non pollutant energy solution

17.) Not only keeps the air clean but also produces zero noise-pollution

And now a look at the disadvantages that come with homemade solar panels…


1.) Sole dependency on the sun. This is probably the most obvious setback when talking about solar panels for electricity. This issue has a new solution; however, as many solar

panels have the capability of holding batteries so that they can still provide power throughout the night during cloudy days.

2.) The whole process CAN be expensive and could even cost you thousands. Some professional setups, believe it or not, cost as much as $ 60,000! But it is COMPLETELY

unnecessary to spend that much or anywhere near that amount in order to start using solar. You can create your own system that is just as efficient as the “professional” systems

for under $ 200! Regardless of whether you chose to make your own or have someone else install everything, it’s important to understand that the materials and installation are the only costly parts of the process. Actually running the system is nearly free, which means it’ll pay for itself within a few months!

3.) Unfortunately, some parts of the world have restricted usage of solar power because they do not receive direct sunlight at all times throughout the year. This is a problem because solar energy can only come from direct sunlight. If you’re home or business is located in the U.S., this is not much an issue for you because it won’t really have any effect on you. People living in other parts of the world, however, should look into this issue prior to purchasing anything or getting started.


Solar energy and the technology around it is nowhere near perfected. But each day there is more and more research and being done in order to improve the efficiency of this science. There’s no doubt that solar energy will play a huge role in the future as a major source of power. The technology is developing at a rapid pace as more people are starting to understand the true benefits that our sun has to offer. Recent advancements have made home creation and DIY installation a very simple and realistic expectation for home owners across the globe. There’s no question that installing one of these systems into your own home will help you save thousands over the next year and the years following…

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