Solar Power

Homemade Energy System

Why is the time ripe to start your own alternative energy system

With gas prices down one might think that investing in energy systems is not necessary. But now is the best time to invest in a home energy kit. Since we all have a little extra in our pockets for now with gas prices down. Plus a lot of us just got our income tax and might be wondering how best to use this money to put ourselves in a better position. To survive the next round of oil price hikes. You would be wise to consider making your own energy system. I am sure that it just a matter of time before gas prices go crazy again and nobody will have the cash to change there dependence on foreign oil.

There are thousands of people out there saving on there utility bills by installing there own home made energy kits. Others are are going even farther by buying electric cars and charging them on these systems they have installed. These people will do quiet well when gas prices go up again and they can only go up. There is a limited amount of oil on the planet and as the supply goes down the price will go up.

What do you need to build you own system

If you had a professional install one it could run you as high as $ 30,000 dollars. That is just to far out of reach for the average person. But there is hope there is another way you can build you own system. Yes you heard me right I did and so can you. Everything you need can be bought at most hardware stores and with a little elbow grease you to can get off the grid. All you need is some plywood, glass, photovoltaic cells, dc motor and just some basic tools and materials.

Want to build your own homemade energy system but don’t know where to start?

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