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Homemade Energy ? How DIY Solar Power kits Can Save You $1000?s

Wouldn’t it be good if you good save thousands of dollars each year off your power bill? Well you can do just that by building your own DIY solar power System.

The rising cost of energy is leading a lot of consumers to look toward homemade energy sources for their energy needs. There are a number of homemade energy alternatives, built perhaps the most viable ones appear to be wind power and solar energy. Wind Power is more of a supplement to traditional energy resources as it is dependent on weather conditions and does not generate massive amounts of energy, certainly not enough to run a modern household. Solar energy on the other hand can make up a significant part of your energy needs.

A little while back I decided to implement my own DIY solar power system in our home, initially I took this undertaking on as a hobby to help educate my kids and give myself something fun to do. The process was surprisingly straight forward, using materials you can find in any hardware store. Initially I worked on smaller projects, powering my laptop and a few small appliances, then I moved on to powering the lighting in my workshop and I have since taken on more and more projects. With experts touting an 80% reduction in your power bill I’m not quite there yet, but operating at around 50% solar I’m looking towards saving thousands of dollars each year of our household’s power bill. As a byproduct of my new homemade energy system I am now making a nice little amount of money selling my excess power back to the power company, it doesnt get mauch better than that!

Building your own DIY Solar Power system is a fun and extremely rewarding project, which will not only save you money but help the environment as well.

So if you want to slash $ 1000′s on your energy bill then click the following link to learn more about DIY Solar Power and how you can build your own solar panels for your home

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