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Home Solar Panel – Estimating Your Energy Usage

My name is Ingrid and I want to let you know what happened when I started looking into purchasing or making my Home Solar Panel an alternative energy source. With technology changing the world today, and global warming we are review our energy sources and sustainability on the planet. At this time of great change as consumer we are experiencing for the first time electrical companies who are wanting to buy energy from privately owned solar grids, from people like you and me. How does this affect us as a consumer wanting to care for our environment?

Consider these factors:

Prices Varied with each different company

I think my neighbors got a really good deal. They found a s 2kWh system that cost $ 10,000 with a $ 2000 final cost after rebates.

I also found complete step-by-step that had every nuance covered and showed you how to make a solar panel for less than $ 200. My mind was ticking away.

My last inquiry about a system revealed a 1kwH costing $ 12,000 with a rebate final costing of $ 3,999.

What does this all mean?

Well small systems 1 or 2kilo Watt Hours only produce a percentage of your power needs.

So how do you work all this out?

First, find out the average sun hours where you live. You can find a map on my website. Now where we live, the average sun hours is 4hours

To understand the whole kilo watt hours to watts was tricky initially but I found a very easy way. Here is what to do:-

Easy Way to Estimate

for a 1kilo Watt Hour System In Your Home

How many Kilo Watt Hours of Electricity do you use daily?

Take a look at your Electricity Bill. I mean a really good look. Turn it over and see if you have some way of see how many kWh (kilo, watt, hours) you are using and if they have a daily average worked out for you.

Here is what my electrical bill says, for the Summer my daily average was 7 kWh
Now a 1 kilo watt hour system is 6 solar panels at 167watts per home solar panel and equals 1002 watts but they call it a 1kwh system.
So my 1kWh system for $ 3,999 gives me around 1002 watts per solar sun hours.
Now solar sun hours depends on your location and the angle of your solar panel. So my solar sun hours are approximately 4hrs per day.
That means I multiply my system – 1 kilo watt hour x 4 = 4kWh(4000watts) and I now know approximately the amount of electricity I may be able to produce.

If I purchased the 1 kilo Watt hour system just over half of my electricity usageis covered by my home solar panels only in summer and It would cost me $ 3,999. But then the guy explains to me, how I can sell electricity to the company for 20cents a kw with this system. He informed me that during the day when I am not at home or not using any electricity( ha .. well he does not know me!) the electricity goes back to the electrical company. And then at night, I am buying my electricity back from the electrical company again.

So I sell my electricity for 20cents to the electrical company and then the sell it back to me for How Much? I think you get what I am talking about here. No wonder it was going to take me something like 8 years before I got a return and could get half my electricity for free.

So before I design my whole home solar panel array, I am going to build my own little system first for well under $ 4000 probably for $ 150- $ 250 hundred bucks and see how I go with that. Gee I might even save enough from my first home solar panel to build my second one for free, instead of selling my savings back to the grid. Electricity companies want your energy. Why because it is cheap for them to buy and sell back to you! Maybe I can save the environment this week by donating to my favorite save the animals fund rather than the electrical company fund. I mean if I donate to the electrical company will that reduce my green house gas emissions? Yes I know.. but really what are the electrical companies doing to implement the new solar technology available to them, buying electricity from us. While I am figuring it out, the point is do some research And follow your instincts.

Get a solar power system that works for you. Look at the alternatives and don’t just get an expensive system that gets you in over your head when you can start with a smaller one you and maybe the family can build together.

Home Solar Panel reducing your carbon emissions without paying those higher prices.

Ingrid Keys
Home Solar Panel Enthusiast

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