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Home Made Solar Panels Are Being Made Every Day

Solar panels for residential use
by CERTs

Home made solar panels may seem like a pipe dream, but there are thousands of people building them all across the nation.  Whether it is to “go green” and help the fight against global warming or just because they want lower electricity costs and less reliance on the power company, home owners are finding out that it really isn’t that hard to build a solar panel right in the backyard.

Some of the tools that are needed can be found at a local hardware store and the material costs will only amount to around $ 150.  Compare this price with the cost of a brand new solar panel system installed by a company and it will range in the thousands or even tens of thousands. 

But the wonderful thing about these DIY systems is that since you built it you will know how to maintain it.  Since the systems are fairly simple even someone with a limited amount of technical knowledge will be able to both repair and add on to the solar panel system and make it even more efficient. 

The sun beats down on the earth every day and it’s a shame that we cannot harness all of that power, but we can harness some of it and use it to give us the electricity we need to live comfortable lives.  I have seen hundreds of guides and plans on how to build a solar panel from home all over the Internet.  Some of these have been a complete waste of time so you need to be careful in choosing the right set of instructions.

My own power system of solar and wind was done in a weekend thanks to the easy to follow guide that I obtained on line.  Since there are so many people building these things now it’s even easier to draw information from someone that has already done it.  So even if you get stuck in your home made solar project, you can find someone who has been there and can help you out.

Philip Richards is a solar power expert. Check out his blog about how to build solar power. Think solar power is too expensive? Think again. Create your own electricity with homemade solar power.

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